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By: Clearsaleing  09-12-2011
Keywords: Marketing, data warehouse, Sales Volume

Marketing Visibility | ClearSaleing

Digital advertisers have struggled with a lack of transparency into which advertisements customers interact with, the time it truly takes for a full customer journey, and which advertising partners generated the last advertising interaction, the first advertising interaction or any advertising interaction in between. ClearSaleing transforms the advertiser perception of the customer journey into a clear view of which advertisements the customer was exposed to in a complete and de-duplicated view, with each advertising interaction time stamped down to the tenth of a second. Before attribution of credit ensues, there needs to be a detailed record of the customer journey. ClearSaleing is the leader in providing the most granular pathing data across paid, earned, and owned digital media.

  • Purchase Path – ClearSaleing’s unique ability bread crumb the entire customer digital journey to an action presents advertisers with their first true multi-channel view into advertisement overlap across paid, earned, and owned media. This enables advertisers a view of their customer behavior that has yet to be seen. This makes ClearSaleing clients smarter, more confident, and more informed than their competitors.

  • Analytics Efficiency – ClearSaleing’s low-touch setup and focus on a scalable and highly accurate tracking methodology has created up to 10% more accurate results than other tracking systems. Because ClearSaleing tracks the information first party, the data degradation of other systems is not compounded when trying to cleanse, de-duplicate, and interpret data from disparate systems. ClearSaleing ensures the most accurate, accountable, and actionable dataset in the marketplace.

We like to say that we are a data warehouse with a purpose. That purpose is to help advertisers increase sales volume and create a more efficient and profitable marketing mix. Due to ClearSaleing’s ability to merge a myriad of advertising, back-office, and 3rd party data against the media performance information ClearSaleing tracks first party, advertisers now have unparalleled ability to correlate different datapoints and create new and more valuable KPI’s than ever before.

ClearSaleing’s unique ability to tie the most accurate and robust media performance dataset to 1st-, 2nd, and 3rd party audience profile data creates a unique competitive advantage for advertisers. If you want to understand which audience segments are the most valuable and which media sources, campaigns, and creative are most effective to increase profitable reach against that segment, ClearSaleing is the most sophisticated solution for advanced segmentation in the marketplace.

ClearSaleing’s unique ability to leverage supplemental product information creates a unique advantage for transactional and brand advertisers.

  • COGS – By ingesting cost of goods sold, ClearSaleing can stamp the actual profit to each and every transaction that manifests. This helps advertisers understand true profitability and which media sources, campaigns, and creative creates more profitable transactions.

  • Inventory – ClearSaleing’s ability to ingest inventory information such as on hand or on order creates a unique ability to identify which advertisements are driving the appropriate inventory activities.

  • Product matching – ClearSaleing’s ability to tie product preference to media activities and audience profile creates an ability to better match product to intent.

Keywords: data warehouse, Marketing, Performance Information, Sales Volume

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