Cleaning Products From A to Z: F

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Cleaning Products From A to Z: F

"GREEN": "ENVIRONMENTALLY-CERTIFIED": Third Party Documented *As Ecological Cleaning Agents ,This Environmentally-Certified Floor Cleaning System Meets Environment Canada's Environmental Choice Criteria PRC-097 "Certified Cleaning Product with Low Potential for Environmental Illness and Endocrine Disruption".. Meets or Exceeds ALL
PRC-097 criteria.NOTE : Unlike CANADA, there is no existing U.S. Criteria or Standards for certifying a Floor System as being "GREEN" .FOR MORE INFORMATION ON "ENVIRONMENTAL CHOICE" ,


FLOOR STRIPPERS : In 2000, a joint project known as the "Janitorial Products Pollution Prevention Project"  conducted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.); the State of California, and local Santa Clara County officials, it was determined that 41% of cleaning chemicals are dangerous..and 6% are "SO DANGEROUS TO USE"  that they have no right to be in an indoor environment, especially with children. One product category included within these 6 percenters is "FLOOR STRIPPERS".  Historically, floor strippers rely on corrosive, highly alkaline caustics (bearing a precautionary "CORROSIVE"  label ) , and harsh solvents to emulsify and strip conventional floor seals and finishes. These "toxic"  and hazardous ingredients may cause severe skin burns; permanent destruction of eye tissue or blindness; and may damage the upper respiratory tract and lung tissue depending on the extent of exposure to an unaware custodial worker .Prolonged exposure to inhaling these fumes are dizziness; headaches; chest pains; muscle weakness; nausea; vomiting; coughing; and nose, throat, &  mucous membrane irritation. In fact, burns to the eyes and skin are the MOST common injuries caused by cleaning chemicals each year to professional custodial cleaners ; followed closely by breathing toxic solvent fumes. Excessive breathing of these fumes can permanently harm an individual's lungs. Aside from "human" damage, these type of caustic products may also cause surface damage to either new or old flooring . Two classic ingredients of floor strippers are # 1)ammonia ; and # 2) 2-butoxyethanol (commonly known as "Butyl Cellusolve") . Ammonia  is a poisonous, alkaline gas which when introduced into water is chemically known as "ammonium hydroxide"; or better known as "ammonia" (for cleaning purposes) . Ammonia is a severe respiratory tract irritant; and the most reported health complaints include eye, nose, and throat irritation; headache, nausea, diarrhea, hoarseness, sore throat, cough,chest tightness, nasal congestion, palpitations, shortness of breath, stress, drowsiness, and alterations in mood. For chemically-sensitive individuals such as asthmatics, exposure to fumes may trigger immediate attacks . 2-butoxyethanol is one of the most prevalent chemical ingredients in most conventional cleaning products including carpet, glass, and general purpose cleaners; and in floor strippers at higher concentrations. 2-butoxyethanol is easily absorbed through the skin and poisons the blood, kidneys, and liver; and may cause pregnancy problems in woman over an extended period of time. Either ingredient also contributes to a higher P.H. which may create long lasting residues even after several water rinses. As air passes over these residues, they may further offgas air contaminants and chemical vapors into the indoor environment. Studies have indicated that cleaning agents included bleach, chlorine, floor stripper, ammonia,sodium hydroxide, muriatic acid, and disinfectants may be the triggering agents in work-related asthma cases. Selecting cleaning products that minimize these emissions can provide a safer environment while protecting the health of workers and occupants. This  "Environmentally-Certified FLOOR CARE PROGRAM" represents the least toxic products available today that can exceed Floor Care expectations in order to minimize potential health and safety risks .

FLOOR FINISHES : Acrylic copolymers, the basis for ALL floor finishes, are plasticizers derived from the the copolymers of acrylonitrile (poly styrene-co-acrylonitrile ). Styrene acrylic polymers (and all acrylic polymers) are the basic building block for making plastics, resins, coatings, and paints. Styrene is primarily a synthetic chemical. Exposure to styrene is most likely to occur from breathing indoor air that is contaminated with styrene vapors from building materials, tobacco smoke, and consumer/commercial products such as cleaning chemicals. People who work where styrene is used or manufactured are likely to be exposed by breathing workplace air.Styrene may affect one's health. If you breathe high levels of styrene for a short time, one is more likely to experience nervous system effects such as depression, concentration problems, muscle weakness, tiredness, and nausea, and possibly eye, nose, and throat irritation. As stated,styrene is primarily used in the production of polystyrene plastics and resins. According to O.S.H.A.( ), acute health effects of styrene are generally irritation of the skin, eyes, the mucous membrane and the upper respiratory tract; and dermatitis. Acute exposure also results in gastrointestinal effects. Other symptoms to overexposure are slower reaction times, reduced manual dexterity, and impaired co-ordination and balance. Chronic (long-term) exposure to styrene in humans affects the central nervous system(CNS), showing symptoms such as headache, fatigue, weakness, and depression, CSN dysfunction, hearing loss, peripheral neuropathy and can cause minor effects on kidney function. The EPA's Office of Research and Development has updated previous assessments on the carcinogenic potential of styrene and concluded that styrene is appropriately classified in Group C, "possible human carcinogen." The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has determined that styrene is possibly carcinogenic to humans. Several studies of workers have shown that breathing styrene may cause leukemia. There is no information on the carcinogenicity of styrene in people who swallow it or get it on their skin.The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) has limited workers' exposure to an average of 100 ppm for an 8-hour workday, 40-hour workweek.Another immediate exposure by custodial workers to inhaling STYRENE is through buffing floors when performing normal maintenance procedures. As a buffing pad under a floor machine passes over the floor, it removes a microscopic, "oxidized layer of STYRENE acrylic polymer floor finish which creates the condition known as "powdering" -or-"dusting". As a result of this cleaning function, irritating, highly allergic, toxic "acrylic" dust is released into the air and being "breathed-in" by the custodial worker and subsequent building occupants. This acrylic dust may be devastating for children with asthma and may trigger an attack without warning .FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ON THE ADVERSE EFFECTS

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"Electrolytic" means 'electrical flow' in liquid or 'electrolysis in solution'. Due to "neutral" ionic, electrical charges creating 'equilibrium', NEW surfaces which have not been cleaned with conventional cleaning chemical products stay clean for a longer period of time. Once these surfaces' equilibrium has been disrupted through conventional cleaners, the ionic charge is further disrupted causing the surface to soil more quickly. In these cases, the soils (containing either positive or negative charges will cause the host surface to attract more and more soil making the period between required cleanings shorter. As these soils have different ionic charges and as opposites attract, these soils will be held to the affected surfaces by the ionic charges in the soils.The "ELECTROLYTIC DEGREASER/STRIPPER  & NEUTRALIZER  & CLEANER/CONDITIONER" in our ENVIRONMENTALLY- CERTIFIED"GREEN"FLOOR CARE PROGRAM restores the ionic charge of the surface and returns it to "neutral" equilibrium whereby soils are released from the surface and easily comes off. In short, the soil is NOT chemically changed through cleaning agents BUT electrically altered.For BEST results with stripper, neutralize (STEP # 2) and rinse with clear water .    STEP # 1 : STRIPPINGE-LEK-TRO "Electrolytic"  DEGREASER/STRIPPER (CDC) : 
CONTAINS NO BUTYL CELLUSOLVEA Floor Stripper which contains NO HARSH CAUSTICS, AMMONIA, OR SOLVENTS. It contains a low odor formula and a micro-foam catalyst that creates a lubricant to protect floors from coarse floor stripping pads.Although healthier and safer to use, E-LEK-TRO DEGREASER/STRIPPER  is HEAVY-DUTYwhich allows the floor to be stripped easier and faster. It uses "implosion technology" which allows deeper penetration and greater emulsification of floor finishes."IMPLOSION TECHNOLOGY" means that this stripper breaks the molecular locks and structure of most floor finishes by imploding it..causing the polymer structure to disintegrate. E-LEK-TRO DEGREASER/STRIPPER  is less slippery on floors than conventional strippers; and there are less residuals left behind ensuring proper adherence of newly applied floor coatings.Conventional floor strippers rely on corrosive, highly alkaline caustics and harsh solvents to soften, emulsify, and dissolve old floor seals and finishes, often upsetting indoor environments and potentially damaging existing flooring.IMPORTANT REASONS for using E-LEK-TRO DEGREASER/STRIPPER  :
  • Provides superior surface preparation for better adhesion of subsequent floor coatings
  • Provides a more complete removal of old floor coatings
  • Does NOT create a more progressive porosity condition on floors with each stripping      as does conventional strippers.    STEP # 2 : NEUTRALIZING/CONDITIONING
    The MOST Important Step
    E-LEK-TRO "Electrolytic"  NEUTRALIZER (CDC) : 
     -- E-LEK-TRO NEUTRALIZER is a concentrated liquid rinsing agent base which brings most flooring surfaces back to a correct P.H.  Neutralizing and conditioning newly stripped floors before the application of Sealer/Finish acclimates the floor with a balanced ionic electrical charge which ensures that proper adhesion and bonding takes place. Check PH of floor with litmus paper to ensure it is neutral before proceeding to STEP# 3. E-LEK-TRO NEUTRALIZER  is also used to remove residues of conventional cleaning chemicals left on a floor prior to the implementation of this ENVIRONMENTALLY-CERTIFIED"GREEN"FLOOR CARE PROGRAM .    STEP # 3 : SEALING/FINISHINGE-LEK-TRO "Electrolytic"  FLOOR SEALER/FINISH (CDC) 
    CONTAINS ABSOLUTELY NO STYRENECoverage : 2500 - 3000 sq.ft./gal. for first 2-3 coats ( after initial stripping )
    Up to 5000 sq.ft./gal for recoatsE-LEK-TRO FLOOR SEALER/FINISH is the highest quality floor sealer/finish with crystal clear clarity and U.V. resistance. Due to its greater gloss retention and restoration capabilities, E-LEK-TRO FLOOR SEALER/FINISH repels the potential of imbedded soils and black heel marks. Unlike conventional floor coatings which dry from the top down, E-LEK-TRO FLOOR SEALER/FINISH dries and cures from the bottom up ensuring the strongest and most durable adhesion and bonding to the base floor. Due to this durability, stripping and re-coating cycles drop dramatically and creates REAL time-savings. Its clarity and leveling ability allows for easy traffic lane touch-up and blending . In fact, it is NEVER necessary to recoat an entire floor with E-LEK-TRO FLOOR SEALER/FINISH ..just the areas that need enhancement.E-LEK-TRO FLOOR SEALER/FINISH is an Ultra High-speed or Dry Bright Finish with incredible durability. It is formulated with an Internal Thermal Catalyst and a Curing Agent, resulting in drying times as quickly as 10 minutes under normal conditions. Using an environmentally-conscious polymer technology, E-LEK-TRO FLOOR SEALER/FINISH is TOTALLY POLYSTYRENE-FREE - and- STYRENE-FREE ! ( Polystyrene and Styrene are known carcinogenics ) .  It's unique technology eliminates discoloration from U.V. which commonly occurs with conventional floor finishes.On porous floors, new floors, or high traffic areas, apply 6 coats of E-LEK-TRO FLOOR SEALER/FINISH . For non-porous or deep scrubbed floors, apply 6 coats and burnish after the 3rd (third) and final coat. For re-coating, clean floor thoroughly with E-LEK-TRO FLOOR CLEANER/CONDITIONER (STEP# 4), rinse with clear water, and apply 1-3 coats of E-LEK-TRO FLOOR SEALER/FINISH . It can be applied to all types of floor surfaces including, but not limited to , ceramic tile, concrete,natural stone, resilient tile,VAT, and wood .AVAILABLE IN 25% -or- 22% SOLIDS    STEP # 4 : CLEANING/CONDITIONING/RESTORINGE-LEK-TRO "Electrolytic"  FLOOR CLEANER/CONDITIONER (CDC) 
    restores appearances and maintains a high gloss as the daily cleaner in this ENVIRONMENTALLY-CERTIFIED"GREEN"FLOOR CARE PROGRAM .It's "ELECTROLYTIC IONIC EQUILIBRIUM PROPERTIES"  assists in repelling soils and keeps floor surfaces cleaner for a longer period of time . When applied, E-LEK-TRO FLOOR CLEANER/CONDITIONER adds moisture back into the E-LEK-TRO FLOOR SEALER/FINISH coating thereby making it more flexible and priming it for high-speed or standard floor buffing. As increased buffings take place, the floor finish becomes far more responsive and durable than most of today's competitive products .
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