Bird and Bat Exclusion | Clark Commercial

By: Clark Pest Control  09-12-2011

Clark Commercial Specialists are trained to protect of the image of your facility, the health of its occupants, and the safety of the products and equipment contained inside.

  • We’ll eliminate nesting and roosting sites
  • We’ll help prevent disease-carrying droppings and the accumulation of nesting materials
  • We’ll minimize slip and fall hazards
  • We’ll provide a more aesthetically pleasing appearance
  • We offer various control methods; the most effective for your particular situation will be employed to best address your problem
  • We are committed to superior workmanship and we guarantee everything we do

Other products and services from Clark Pest Control


Commodity Fumigation | Clark Commercial

We perform fumigations on export commodities including rice, grain, corn, nuts, wood and more. We go beyond requirements and safety regulations to ensure a superior standard is met. We perform import USDA fumigations including quarantine containers, bamboo and wood. Clark Pest Control offers commodity fumigations of all types. We perform fumigations on bulk grain and bagged rice.


Electronic Reporting | Commercial Pest services

Using the latest mobile digital assistant and barcode technology, Clark Pest Control’s program of electronic data capture and online access to reporting and trend mapping captures data that’s been entered by our technician during the customized integrated pest management servicing of your facility. We offer single-source management of multi-building, multi-site locations. We offer web-accessible reporting for single or multiple users.


Clark Pest Control Commercial Services

Clark Pest Control’s sales and service staffs are highly trained in the most innovative pest control procedures in the industry. Our commercial pest elimination programs will provide you with the most effective solution available. You’ll also get the peace of mind that comes with Clark Pest Control’s superior customer service.