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By: Cl Engine Clinic  09-12-2011
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Here at CL Engine Clinic Ltd we are on a mission.. to serve the Timmins and surrounding area with the best re-manufactured engines accompanied by a great warranty. Our machine shop specialists, with a combined 30+ years of experience, have all the machinery to do the job right the first time.  With a 3 Year Unlimited Mileage warranty, we know that our engines will outperform the competition and we look forward to seeing our product in your vehicle. 

   Looking for a high performance package?  With over 40 Years specializing in the high performance industry we are proud to supply our customers with the best quality race engines. From a 1.8Lt Toyota Turbo to a 649c.i.d big block Chevrolet we can build anything to suit your needs.  Interested in what you see? You know what to do.. just give us a call and we'll be glad to help.

Here is a list of a some services our machine shop has to offer.

  - cylinder head reconditioning

  - cylinder head resurfacing

  - cylinder boring and honing

  - connecting rod reconditioning

  - glass beading

  - crankshaft polishing

  - pressure washing and more..

** Frequently asked questions **

Why does it feel like my vehicle is lacking the power it had when I got it?

   There are many possibilities that can be the cause.  To properly test the problems, our team will perform many tests to determine if it's the engine or not.  Cylinder compression, timing chain tension & leaking valves are three of the most common causes that lead to poor engine performance.  With all the machinery needed to do the job, we are able to rebuild or repair that engine so it performs like it was brand new.

Why does it seem like my engine is using lots of oil?

    Oil consumption is a big problem today in many vehicles. There is a small list of problems that could be the cause of oil consumption, but the two problems that are most common are valve stem seals and piston ring failure. After many kilometers or hours of operation, valve stem seals tend to either dry up or lose their elasticity causing your oil to seep past the seal and into the combustion chamber. After the oil reaches the combustion chamber, the oil will burn with the fuel and go out your exhaust. Piston ring failure has many causes.  Excessive idling, kilometers or poor engine maintenance are just a few reasons that could lead to piston ring failure.  When a piston ring loses its tension or "seat" in the cylinder, oil on the cylinder wall ends up bypassing the rings and burns when the engine ignites thereby releasing the old burnt oil out the exhaust. Can we fix this problem? We have all the tools to do the job and will restore your engine to its top performance.

My engine seems to be making a knocking or ticking sound.  Should I be worried about it?

   Regardless of the severity of the knock or tick sound, it should be checked right away. A bottom end knock usually means you have excessive rod bearing clearance or low oil pressure that may cause premature engine bearing failure.  Another bottom end noise is piston slap.  Piston slap is caused by excessive clearance between the piston skirt and cylinder wall.  The clearance could be caused by a collapsed piston skirt, piston wear or cylinder wall wear. A top end tick could be caused by collapsed lifters, rocker arm wear or a simple adjustment. There are other possibilities but these are the most common. Failure to address the problem from the beginning might end up causing more problems leading to a more expensive repair bill.

Keywords: machine shop, Oil