By: Cities Digital  09-12-2011
Keywords: Document Management, document management system

Electronic Health Records have a lot of attention to a paperless environment within the healthcare industry. Providers have the ability to immediately digitize their patient data and progress notes. However, that’s not the wish of every provider today and it doesn’t address the wealth of data stored within an old patient chart.

Clinicians looking to automate patient intake forms can begin by using electronic forms on their website or a kiosk at the front of the clinic. Patients are able to sign using a signature pad or an electronic signature. Information gathered at the point of the intake form is able to be sent to the practice management software to update patient demographics. Insurance cards are captured and sent to the Laserfiche document management system alongside the historical patient chart.

Clinic staff are able to place digital patient charts in a que for easy access by providers. The document management system even integrates directly to the practice management system or EHR / EMR to allow for immediate reference to legacy data. There in a digital patient chart images such as photos, xrays and other graphic-intense records are stored.

During the billing and collections process copies of CMS 1500 forms, statements, correspondence with insurance companies, patients and collectors can all be stored in a single convenient place in Laserfiche. All data is fully text searchable and secure with multiple levels of security.

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Keywords: Document Management, document management system

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That’s why digitization of information and document management have become essential to police departments and courts throughout the nation.A records center within a law enforcement agency runs 24x7 and has constant workload and workflow. The Audit Trail logs what users are searching on, which documents have been viewed and most importantly what documents have been exported from the system.


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These services keep citizens safe, keep neighborhoods clean, keep places livable and build communities, not just cities. Most council members understand the need and want for transparency between the city hall and citizens. From permits to council minutes, from checks to water bills, it’s usually all paper. That’s why Laserfiche has Weblink, the public portal for self-serve document access.


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The Laserfiche solution for financial services includes features like full text search, workflow of new account forms and auto filing of client documentation. An advisor with document management is a happier and more efficient which makes clients happier. The compliance headaches that are designed to enforce these requirements aren’t any fun either. Data stored in Laserfiche is linked directly to the client profile stored in the CRM or ERP.