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By: Cire 24 Karats  09-12-2011
Keywords: Boats

For surfaces that are hard, soft and non porus, including: metal, fiberglass, glass, bronze, ceramic tiles and sythetic resin. Good for all painted and polished surfaces, including household appliances.

Recommanded for: "clear coats, base coats", lacquer, enamel, acrylic, chrome and metal. Cleans, waxes and polishes. It's waterproof and protects at the same time. It dissolves tar, bird droppings, insect residues , dust, soot, grease, oil and paint fume. Removes oxydation and resists to ultraviolet sun rays, calcium and acid rain.

Can be used on: Cars, trucks, trailers (RV), boats, airplanes, bicycles, lawn tractors, heavy machineries, busses, pedalos, ski-doos, motorcycles, patio furnitures, PVCs, ceramics, acrylics, marbles, lacquers, fiber glasses, gold, silver, chromes, brass, jewellewries, refrigerators, ranges, microwave ovens, windows, mirrors, baths, showers, sinks, guitars, violons, trumpets..

Restorer and refinisher

Renews, preserves, protects, designed for interior and exterior uses .

Automotive: Dashboards,tires, vinyl tops and all vinyl finishes.
Marine: all wood trims, seats, cabinets, fire equipments and appartuses.
Other uses: leather ( shoes, boots) and on wood furnitures.

Directions for use: Apply evenly to clean surface with a lint free cloth or sponge, let dry. Wil not build up or crack. Re-apply when necessary to maintain finish. PREVENTS ROT.

Shampoo wax

Contains concentrated wax

One step shampoo and waxing performance

Makes a rich controled sud solution that removes dirt and road film. During washing, it helps rejuvenate the hydropholic characteristics of a previously waxed car.

24 KARATS Shampoo-Wax can be used on: cars, trucks, motors, boats, motorcycles, planes, houses with a vynil finish, on synthetic resin and all wood floors.

Directions : Easy application. Add 15 ml (1/2once) of Shampoo-Wax 24 KARATS to about 4,5 liters(1 gallon) of water. Wash thoroughly and maintain a good supply of sud on the vehicule. Rinse with water before sud dries. Wipe well with an appropriate cloth.

Special use for boats: the seaweeds (algas) will absorb the sud when the soap is diluted; for best results, use the shampoo-wax none diluted on a sponge or cloth after wetting the shell of the boat.

Purpose Cleaner

All-purpose cleaner and degreaser

Excellent to remove insect redidues. Wet the vehicule first, then spray on specific areas. Let penetrate 30 secondes, rinse and wash with 24 karats shampoo-wax.

It's safe on partically all surfaces. It removes grease, oil, grime..Fantastic for light or heavy duties. Non corrosive. Cleans: PVC, vinyl, metal, wood, ceramic tiles, pool, canvas, fiberglass, carpets, bath..

Directions for use: Spray and wipe dry. Can be diluted for light duties. For spoted patio furnitures, spray and wait 30 sec. Scrub lightly with an extra fine steel wool and wipe dry. Put a light coating of 24 KARATS car polish. No need to use a steel wool on new furniture.

Keywords: Boats