Circle Stereo » Restoration Services » The Restoration Process

By: Circle Stereo  09-12-2011
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Circle Stereo » Restoration Services » The Restoration Process

  • You can book your unit in by one of two means:

    1. Send the unit to us, per our shipping instructions, with the following:
      • A description of the machine's symptoms
      • A check or money order to cover the basic service charge
    2. Call to book in your unit by phone prior to shipping it.
  • We evaluate the machine completely. We then contact you by phone or e-mail with full details of the machine's condition. At this stage, you may give approval for the completion of the repair.

  • Completion:

    We complete the repairs and the the machine is tested exhaustively for two days to confirm reliability.

  • Return:

    We contact you to advise you that the unit's repairs are complete. We arrange payment of the final balance, and address any special shipping instructions.

  • Keywords: restoration services

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    Maybe you had one when you were younger, and you traded it in on something that turned out to be not quite so good, or you put it in the closet when it stopped working quite right. We had a customer—with a less than premium amplifier—who was dissatisfied at being told that it would not be cost-effective to repair his machine. They certainly did nothing other than the minimal diagnostic required to isolate that fuse and to replace it.


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    All in all, there is a really wide range of usable machines and they are all different and do different things so it is critical to know just what has been failing over time, and what to do about it. Certain parts have a habit of failing or becoming marginal, but it varies from model to model, and the technician must be familiar with all of these.