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By: Cinstech  09-12-2011
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As attacks continue to escalate, the need for trained and certified security personnel to secure your network and computer systems is critical. CinsTech understands the severity and criticality of secure technology. Our well trained, certified and experienced consultants will work with you to identify your exposure, advise you on methods for securing your network, data, communications, and other valuable information, and help you with deploying and managing the appropriate technology to ensure that your network technology is reliable, available, and secure. We can assist you with:

    • Hardening the operating system to resist attacks involves:
      • Managing Operating System Updates
      • Buffer Overflow Protection
      • Configuring Operating System Protection
    • Because of web servers open exposure, they are prime targets for attackers. We can assist you with:
      • Defending against SQL injection attacks
    • Adding security based software, whose sole purpose is to fend off attacks, is necessary. We can assist you to install software security applications include:
      • Anti-virius
      • Popup Blockers
      • Anti-spyware
      • Personal Software Firewalls
      • Host Intrusion Detection Systems
    • Communications protocols and applications can also be vectors for attacks. We can assist you to defend against:
      • SMTP Open Relays
      • Instant Messaging
      • Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Networks
    • It is important to protect systems from attacks that come through the Web browser. These attacks involve using:
      • Cookies
      • JavaScript
      • ActiveX
      • Cross Site Scripting(XSS)
    • There are several network security devices that can be used to protect the network from attacks. These include:
      • Firewall
      • Proxy Server
      • Honeypot
      • Network Intrusion Detection Systems(NIDS)
      • Host and Network Intrusion Prevention Systems(HIPS/NIPS)
      • Protocol Analyzers
      • Internet Content Filters
      • Integrated Network Security Hardware
    • We assist to implement enhanced WLAN security protections for both personal users as well as for enterprises. They includes:
      • Controlling Access
      • Implementing Personal Wireless Securty
      • Implementing Enterprise Wireless Security
    • Access control is the process by which resources or services are granted or denied on a computer system or network. This task includes:
      • CreatingAccess Control Lists
      • Applying Group policies
      • Creating Account restrictions
      • Applying Complex Password Policy
      • Video Surveillance Installation
    • There are some different types of authentication servers, they include:
      • Authentication Servers
      • Remote Access Server
      • Virtual Private Networks(VPNs)
    • To identify weaknesses in your network system in order to increase the level of security, and evaluate the security of a computer system or network. we can help you to do:
      • Vulnerability Scanning
      • Penetration Testing
    • Security auditing is a vital procedure for keeping a system secure, even a system that has been audited before and that is tasked with significant responibilities.
      • Privilege Auditing(Assigning Privileges, Auditing System Security Settings, User Access and Rights Review, Group Policies, Storage and Retention Policies)
      • Usage Auditing
      • Monitoring
    • Cryptography has clear benefits for safeguarding sensitive data.
      • Ditital certificates
      • Key management
      • Applying Cryptographic Transport Protocols(SSL/TLS, SSH, HTTPS, PPTP, L2TP)
    • One of the primary ways to ensure business continuity is to use redundancy planning, which involves building excess capacity in order to protect against failures. It can involve redundancy for:
      • Servers
      • Storage
      • Network
      • Power
      • Sites
    • Disaster recovery focuses on restoring computing and technology resources to their former state. Disaster recovery procedures include:
      • Planning
      • Disaster exercises
      • Performing data backups

Keywords: Computer Systems

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