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By: Cinacia  09-12-2011
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A few words about fingerlings
Like all potatoes, fingerlings trace their roots, to the Andes Mountains of Peru, where they were planted by ancestors of the Incas. They have been used as currency, medicine and clocks. It is believed that the first potato was domesticated more than 6,000 years ago.

Small potatoes in size. Big in flavor.
Fingerlings are not large. They look more like stubby fingers. Thus the name 'fingerling.' And therein lies their unique appeal. Fingerlings are known for their rich flavor, moist, waxy or dry texture and striking colors. Fingerlings taste great roasted, steamed, grilled, fried, sautéed, or boiled. Named for their finger-like appearance, a fingerling is typically 1 to 2 inches in diameter and 2 to 3 inches long.


French Fingerling

This short, stubby potato came over to the States from France. It has pinkish-red skin, smooth, moist yellow flesh with streaks of pink. In short, it's a beauty. And packs a delicious smooth, nutty flavor. This variety is great baked and served warm or roasted, steamed, grilled, fried and sautéed. The creamy flesh and nutty flavor make them a welcome addition to any table.

Russian Banana

You guessed it. This potato hails from the Russian and Baltic States. It is yellow, through and though with a rich, buttery flavor. This is the potato you're most likely to find at fine restaurants. Best baked, steamed, fried or in salads.

Austrian Crescent

A simply beautiful, smooth yellowish tan skin and light-yellow flesh of central European descent. Long, slender tubers that typically reach three to four inches long define this potato. Excellent boiled, steamed or in salads.

Ruby Crescent

Like the name, this slender fingerling has a ruby skin with yellow flesh. This short, slender, knobby blusher is also a favorite of fine restaurants. This potato holds is shape well, making it an excellent choice for salads. A deep, earthy flavor making adding butter, sour cream or bacon bits

practically a sin. Do it if you must, but in moderation if you don't mind. Excellent roasted or steamed.


A small, new potato, the Buttercream is fluffy with golden skin, yellow flesh and a smooth, buttery flavor. At around one inch in diameter, these tasty little potatoes are excellent boiled, steamed or baked. Not the best candidate for salads, as the texture is soft and tends to disintegrate.

Purple Peruvian

This potato is from the ancestral birth place of the potato. Peru. A recent introduction to the U.S., this potato has been a staple part of the diet in the Peruvian Andes for as long as anyone can remember. Its beautiful purple skin, bluish, lavender flesh and earthy flavor makes an excellent salad or smooth-textured purple purée. Purple potatoes typically cook faster than yellow or white potatoes. Long cooking will diminish the color. Microwaving preserves the color the best, but steaming and baking are also excellent preparation methods.

Keywords: Potato, Salads