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By: Cilutions  09-12-2011
Keywords: Digital Signage, Network Operations, Digital Signage Network

Cilutions offers four software products that are integral to a successful digital signage network. These products together comprise our Digital Media Bridge (DMB) product suite. A network operator can choose any or all of our products to build a successful digital signage network.

DMB Screen Builder

Digital Signage and
Video-On-Demand screen authoring application

DMB Media Player

Digital Signage and
Video-On-Demand player application

DMB Content Distribution

File distribution sender and receiver applications for all network topologies

DMB Management Applications

Network operations center applications and remote management agents

Keywords: Digital Signage, Digital Signage Network, Management Applications, Network Operations, Network Operations Center, Network Operator

Other products and services from Cilutions


Cilutions Digital Media Bridge, Digital Signage - management

Network operations and engineering support personnel need to monitor the health of the platforms in their network and be able to configure, analyze and repair local or remote computers to satisfy customer expectations. Is useful for telnet access from a network operations center server to a set-top box deployed on the Internet. Works across the Internet using a Cilutions SNMP Proxy between the SNMP Manager and the set-top boxes.


Digital Signage, Video-On-Demand, Digital Menu Boards, Digital Menu Board, Cilutions Digital Media Bridge, Digital Signage

Similarly, reader boards can be used in a variety of locations, including hotels and airports, offering viewers event scheduling data with dynamic updating; functions not available with traditional static signage. Our DMB Media Player allows you to easily switch between a classic digital signage screen and a user-interactive video-on-demand screen by just changing the channel.


Cilutions Digital Media Bridge, Digital Signage - contentdistribution

These are content and video distribution applications, useful for distributing files and video streams from a sending machine to multiple IP-based multicast and unicast receiving machines in a connected network. Cilutions DMB Content Distribution product is comprised of two distinct components: The DMB Content Distribution Sender and DMB Content Distribution Receiver applications.


Cilutions Digital Media Bridge, Digital Signage - screenbuilder

Build looping playlists with drag and drop functionality. Design Digital Menu Board screens.


Cilutions Digital Media Bridge, Digital Signage - services

Integration and Testing For customers who have selected or are considering particular third party applications for use in their digital signage network we offer integration and testing services to certify proper end-to-end performance of the network when using the applications.