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By: Cilutions  09-12-2011
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The centerpiece of any good digital signage network is its content distribution component. The DMB Content Distribution product sends digital files (videos, images, etc.) from a central location to remote media players. In this model assets are pushed closest to the screen and are played from the local hard drive of the media player. This method places no bandwidth demands on the network during playback of each asset. This includes high-definition, high bit rate video which offers a rich visual experience and more effective digital signs.

Cilutions DMB Content Distribution product is comprised of two distinct components: The DMB Content Distribution Sender and DMB Content Distribution Receiver applications. Together, the applications allow a user to send and receive all of the files needed by each screen in a digital signage network. These are content and video distribution applications, useful for distributing files and video streams from a sending machine to multiple IP-based multicast and unicast receiving machines in a connected network. They operate in both multicast-enabled enterprise networks (e.g., satellite-based networks) and unicast-only networks (e.g., the Internet).

The DMB Content Distribution Sender and Receiver applications include bandwidth management and asset prioritization. These features allow a customer to control the network resources and establish delivery priorities in a flexible and powerful way. Network bandwidth usage rules can guarantee that file deliveries do not interfere with customer mission critical applications on the network during peak business hours and can optimize file deliveries during off hours. With our DMB Content Distribution products a customer can be sure that content will be delivered in the most reliable and efficient manner and that the customer's network will not suffer in the process.

DMB Content Distribution : Receiver
The DMB Receiver is an installable client or set-top box (STB) middleware serving as the receiving platform of the Cilutions' Content Distribution product. The Receiver runs on Windows, Linux, Mac and STB platforms. The DMB Receiver functions in one of the following three modes:

Multicast Mode
In this mode, the DMB Receiver is designed to work with the DMB Sender application to offer multicast content distribution to each DMB Receiver in the network.
Pull Mode
In this mode, the DMB Receiver is designed to work with an FTP server where content is pulled from the server to the DMB Receiver in the media player. The DMB Receiver will periodically poll the server and download new files to the media player. This method is primarily used for internet based file distribution. Push Mode
In this mode, the DMB Receiver waits for content to be pushed onto the media player via an distribution over a private network.

DMB Darwin Injector
The Cilutions Injector Service relays a live video stream from an encoder into the Cilutions' Modified Darwin Streaming Server. The injector is a software application that can run as a Windows Service on the same machine as Darwin. DMB Streaming Transport Receiver
Receiver proxy middleware for the AmiNet family of STBs with support for real-time packet loss and transport stream timing repair. This proxy works together with the DMB Darwin Injector and the Darwin Streaming Server to provide a high quality video streaming service over the Internet.

TV at Remote Site
Include Live TV from your existing cable or satellite provider in your digital signage network. As an alternative to streaming live video over the internet, you can include the TV signal already available in most remote locations as part of your digital signage screen.

Keywords: Digital Signage, Digital Signage Network, Set-top Box

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