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By: Ciel Technology  09-12-2011
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Proximo is an all-round Practice Management Software designed to help Medical Practitioners operating their clinics more effectively and efficiently. From Patient Management to Proximo’s Scheduler and MSP Submission, the Software provides a wide range of features to help our Medical Practitioners always stay on top of their schedules and tasks. Excellent features with affordable pricing, we believe Proximo definitely is your ultimate choice to your clinic’s operation efficiency.

Why Proximo?

Directly Connects with MSP Teleplan

  • Faster Claim Submission process
  • Automatically check MSP information requirements before submission
  • Directly check your patient’s MSP Eligibility Status through your computer
  • Updates and Decodes MSP Remittance messages
  • Allows you to view current status of your claim requests

Secure & Effective Data Storage

  • Less paper records and more work spaces
  • Self Back-up feature – Proximo made it very easy for you to personally back-up your patient information so you will never need to worry about losing them

Easy Access to Information

  • Avoid going through piles of paper records and use the “search” function to easily locate information
  • Powerful “search” function allows you to search through various measures

Digital Imaging

  • Document images of Skin Care treatments to track progress
  • Compare and Contrast the effectiveness of treatments

Friendly User Interface

  • Clean and Professional user interface
  • Multi-Language user interface available in English, Simplified & Traditional Chinese

Excellent Customer Service

  • Free on-site demo and installation
  • Services available in English as well as Chinese

Excited about Proximo? Call us now at 604.789.3932 to arrange a free demo.
Proximo has been working closely with our clients and providing tailored solutions to address each special needs. Please feel free to contact Proximo’s Customer Service at 604.789.3932 or via email at with what you have in mind and we will be gladly to work with you to meet your needs.

Keywords: Customer Service, Digital Imaging, Msp, Practice Management

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Other than creating your appointments with the treatment time and duration, Proximo also helps you document the treatment by allowing you to record patients’ treatment information, including symptoms, prescriptions, etc. Proximo’s features empower you to retrieve your patients treatment information at anytime.


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Other than features included in Proximo Special and Standard, Proximo Professional is embedded with Financial Transactions, Inventory Control, Digital Image Diagnosis, and Multi-Language User Interface. Proximo has partnered closely with numerous clients with innovative ideas to develop the features that tailor to the needs of medical practitioners. Proximo Professional is your ultimate solution to Practice Management.


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With Proximo, you will have instant accessto your patient’s MSP status and find out whether he/she is eligible under the MSP Coverage. Just 3 simple mouse-clicks andyour claim will be on its way to MSP!Learn More. Making MSP claims is quick and easy with Proximo.


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It provides solutions to your Medical Service Plan inquiries to ensure accuracy and efficiency when making patient claims. Proximo Special is also equipped with Patient Management which allows you to effectively maintain and record patient profiles. Proximo has been working closely with our clients and providing tailored solutions to address each special needs. Call us now at 604.789.3932 to arrange a free demo.


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You can also take advantage of Proximo’s weekly and monthly calendar views to make projections of your business operation and this will greatly enhance your operation efficiency. This powerful feature lets you record patient diagnostic information and gives you the ability to view patients’ Appointment History to help you manage your patient information.