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The cornerstone of Chuckwalla v6 is an intelligent enterprise repository that controls otherwise unstructured rich media content including images, simple and compound documents, layouts, presentations, audio and video files, and more. The repository provides centralized storage, security, advanced search and retrieval, version control and asset transformation. This provides the ability to repurpose rich media content for various cross-media communication applications, including publishing, marketing/branding and e-learning.

Extensive File Format Support

Full Text Indexing

Virtually any format that contains text content is indexed. This allows users to search on words and phrases contained within documents. Results are ranked by relevancy and the context text displayed. This powerful feature alleviates the need to add redundant metadata to files containing text.

Metadata and Searching

Chuckwalla uses Microsoft SQL to store the related metadata, supporting unlimited custom metadata fields that can be shared across the enterprise. Users can perform federated searches across the entire repository or refine the search based on one or more specific criteria. Searches can be saved for quick retrieval of commonly requested assets, formats or information.

Chuckwalla v6 supports Adobe® Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP). XMP allows a user to embed metadata into a file itself. Through XMP, Chuckwalla v6 supports the International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC) and Dublin Core (DC) standards.

Search results are ranked by relevancy and include text details

Organization and Security

A customizable, logical folder hierarchy organizes assets and controls access security. Collections (associated groups of assets) and Asset Reference metadata fields allow additional, flexible organization of assets. Assets can be checked into the repository or left in place and cataloged. Cataloging is useful for large file groups, like video servers or dvd jukeboxes.

Users are organized into both Chuckwalla Internal and Microsoft Active Directory groups. Users and groups have read, write, delete or no access to various folders in the system. Watermarked previews and rights-descriptive metadata increase the security of content stored in the system.

Delivery and Transformation


Chuckwalla v6 has a multi-tiered architecture. Running on a Windows 2003 Server, the Chuckwalla Object Server and Application Server are the core of the system. The Chuckwalla Preview Generator and Text Indexer services process files automatically at check-in. Files are stored in a secure NTFS repository managed by the Chuckwalla Object Server. Metadata is stored and accessed in a Microsoft SQL database by the Chuckwalla Application Server. Chuckwalla Clients (Macintosh, Windows and Web) send requests to the Chuckwalla Object Server to store, retrieve, and view multimedia assets. The Chuckwalla SDK provides a programmatic interface to the server and is used to integrate other systems with Chuckwalla v6. 


The following applications are currently integrated with Chuckwalla v6:

Microsoft SQL 2005: This industry standard Relational Database (RDB) is used by Chuckwalla to store asset metadata. This metadata can be accessed via Chuckwalla or directly in the RDB.

InDesign and Quark Xpress: The Chuckwalla InDesign Plug-in and Quark Xtension enable the Chuckwalla Server to recognize the geometry of layout documents and provide access directly to

text and placed images.

Keywords: Metadata, Repository

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Optional Components

Users simply drag and drop files into network folders that are mapped to folders in the Chuckwalla repository with specific settings for check-in frequency, versioning, metadata assignment, thumbnail/preview generation, etc. Workflow Manager - enables the creation of sophisticated custom workflows, including scheduling, notifications, approvals and more.



The Chuckwalla Desktop for Macintosh is a native client application for Mac OS X that allows power users to store, search for and retrieve assets in the Chuckwalla System. The Chuckwalla NetClient is a customizable, browser-based interface that allows users and administrators access to functions of the Chuckwalla Server. Users can upload, search and browse for assets, view and update metadata and download assets.


Why a DAM System

The proliferation of new consumer touchpoints coupled with the need to continue to leverage traditional media make the challenge of getting the right message to the right audience at the right time a more daunting task than ever. The digital asset has emerged as the fundamental medium utilized to communicate brand, to deliver media content, and to articulate training in a compelling way.