Chrislynn Energy Management

By: Chrislynn Energy  09-12-2011

What's the best way to manage your energy, for cleaner, greener, more cost-effective operations?

Ask Chrislynn Energy Services. We leverage our knowledge of the latest energy-efficient technologies on the market in all major industries. We'll analyze your current operations and come back to you with sensible, effective recommendations for the best methods to streamline processes, trim costs and reduce energy demands.

Turn to Chrislynn when you need expert advice on conservation methods, billing questions, performance contracts and even rate clarifications. No matter what your energy needs, Chrislynn is there to make it simple.

Other products and services from Chrislynn Energy


Chrislynn Energy Procurement

Finding the right utility companies, at the right rates, takes time and effort—energies better used in doing what you do best: running your business. You gain the benefit of competitive rates, real savings, and the invaluable time you can now dedicate to moving your business ahead. That's why Chrislynn Energy Services offers Energy Procurement, freeing you to focus on other operations.


Chrislynn Energy Services Demand Side Issues

Chrislynn Energy Services can help you save on energy costs in yet another way—participation in Regional Transmission Organizations demand response programs, and management of program benefits. We can investigate and identify RTO program opportunities that fit the needs, appropriate risk level and budget of your business.


Chrislynn Energy Services Tax and Tariff Reviews

We can analyze and develop energy proration studies to help determine precisely how much energy your business is using that isn't subject to tax. Our Tax and Tariff Review service ensures the taxes on your utilities are accounted for properly. Do you know if your business is due a refund for misapplied tax payments. Chrislynn Energy Services can help you find out.


Chrislynn Energy Services

Also, we will help consider other associated issues like, do you want green energy from wind, solar or hydro, should you use energy on peak or off peak, does your equipment need to be upgraded, is price the only aspect to consider, are the suppliers reliable, and is the contract fair to all parties.


Chrislynn Energy Audits

Our auditing process will uncover any overcharges, and make sure you've been getting the right rates over time for your agreed contract—no matter how rates have fluctuated. Chrislynn Energy Services' Energy Audits help ensure your utility accounts—past and present—are truly aligned with your usage. Did you know that your business might be entitled to unexpected savings in the form of a refund. Let us review and analyze your utility bills.