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By: Chris Wheeler  09-12-2011
Keywords: Video, Social Media Marketing, marketing campaigns

Chris Wheeler |  Services

We all want to activate the interested into campaigners for our products and services. Word of mouth is the most powerful way to spread your message. You want people to engage with and tell others about your message. I facilitate this process by producing digital video content that attracts attention, generates online conversations, and encourages viewers to share your message with their social networks. I also integrate your website and preferred social media platforms directly into the video content.

What I do:

- Produce engaging video for use on your website, social media networks, and marketing campaigns.
- Strategize and build social media marketing campaigns. I can create a Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter page and/or produce video content for these platforms.

Types of Video:

- Video for Social Media Campaigns
- Promotional Videos
- Web Video
- Events (local, regional & nationwide)
- Interviews & B-roll
- Corporate Video
- Videos specialized for Tourism/DMO/Operators ( me about tourism video package)
- Live Streaming of Events

What makes me unique:

Video Process:

- Produce unscripted experience and event videos for the web. Unscripted videos tend to have a more authentic and grassroots feel that fit well with today’s Social Media World.
- Produce professionally scripted videos with clearly defined goals and objectives.

I produce your video(s) in 3 general stages to create an innovative and effective product that you can use in your marketing campaign.

Keywords: marketing campaigns, Social Media Marketing, Video