By: Chris Pataki  09-12-2011
Keywords: Nutrition, Hypnotherapy, Nutrition Plan


When a person chooses to make changes in their life, they can speed up the healing/change process by addressing the subconscious mind, as opposed to the critical, paradigm directed conscious mind. Most of our issues are tucked away in the part of our mind that we are not even aware of, the subconscious. In Hypnotherapy, using hypnosis we work directly with this part of the mind that is nonjudgmental and will accept changes and releases quickly and with ease. A Clinical Hypnotherapist is  the facilitator for that change. During Hypnotherapy, the client is totally aware of what is happening and is in control at all times.

With Hypnotherapy we can address the following :

  • *Stress Management
  • *Anxiety Reduction
  • *Decision Making
  • *Increase In Self-esteem
  • *Public Speaking
  • *Relaxation Techniques
  • *Insomnia
  • *Headaches
  • *Self-improvement
  • *Confidence
  • *Grief
  • *Spiritual Healing
  • *Weight Reduction
  • *Stage Fright
  • *Sports Improvement
  • *Dental Anxiety
  • *Pain Management
  • *Smoking
  • *And Much More..


Biofeedback links the mind with the body through high-technology devices that allows the mind to control certain bodily functions.  In this treatment method, an individual is hooked up to monitoring devices which provides an indication of how brain waves, breathing patterns, muscle activity, sweat gland function, pulse, skin temperature, and blood pressure are responding to relaxation techniques, such as meditation.  "Biofeedback has been used to reduce stress, eliminate headaches, recondition injured muscles, control asthmatic attacks, and relieve pain.

Quantum Biofeedback has taken the concept of this feedback loop and added three new components: artificial intelligence, use of electrical frequency to measure and provide therapy and a completely holistic selection of modalities to deliver that therapy.

With biofeedback we can assess:

  • *Allergies
  • *Animal / Pet Specific
  • *Biofeedback
  • *Brain
  • *Cell-Com
  • *Colour & Chakra
  • *Condition specific
  • *Cosmetic
  • *Dental
  • *Homeopathy
  • *Hormones
  • *Iridology
  • *Mental Emotional
  • *Reactivity Testing
  • *Sports & Injury
  • *System Specific
  • *Vitamin, Mineral, Amino
  • *Detox
  • *And Much More..


Nutrition and Fitness play a major role in our lives.  Without the proper nutrition or levels of fitness our bodies cant function properly.  We need a very structured nutrition plan and workout routine to help our bodies gain strength in our immune systems and help our body defend itself.  Chris offers a wide variation of fitness routines, personal training, and nutritional plans that your body needs.  

Keywords: Hypnotherapy, Nutrition, Nutrition Plan, Workout Routine