By: Chemtrec  09-12-2011

"One of my favorite stories about CHEMTREC is an incident involving a fire in a silo at a wastewater facility.  The silo was filled with a fertilizer made from wastewater biosolids that heats spontaneously when stored in silos if it is not kept circulating with augers inside the silo. We had no idea how to handle this incident, so I got on the phone to CHEMTREC, who immediately got on the case. Within a few minutes, they had put me in contact with the Battalion Chief of another city’s fire department who had previous experience with fires involving the same organic fertilizer.  After speaking with the Chief, we proceeded with his recommendations and safely concluded the incident. This was not a serious hazmat incident, but the fire did present some risk to our team members. Just one example of many in the way CHEMTREC has helped us for many years."

                                                                                                                                           - Captain Bill Hand
Harris County Hazardous Materials Response Team
Houston Fire Department Hazardous Materials Response Team (ret.)

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Global Authorization

Global Authorization with CHEMTREC authorizes shippers of dangerous goods the right to portray the CHEMTREC phone number– or any number directed to CHEMTREC’s call center – on shipping documents, Material Safety Data Sheets and hazard communication labels.


USA + Canada Authorization

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation regulation 49 CFR § 172.604, "A person who offers a hazardous material for transportation must provide an emergency response number, including the area code or international access code, for use in the event of an emergency involving the hazardous material..


Other Services

In addition to USA + Canada Authorization and Global Authorization, which grant the registrant the right to portray the CHEMTREC phone numberon their shipping papers, many companies have enlisted CHEMTREC’s resources, particularly its 24-hour Operations Center staffed by trained and experienced specialists, to provide custom services.


Products & Services

CHEMTREC's resources provide registrants with an extensive set of response capabilities which help to quickly mitigate incidents involving dangerous goods, as well as the telecommunication connectivity necessary to link to even the most remote contributor of those resources. Whether you are a manufacturer, shipper, consignee, or carrier of hazardous materials or dangerous goods, you can benefit from CHEMTREC's services.