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By: Checkbox Systems  09-12-2011
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The CheckBox System

CheckBox allows you to control who has access to the internet on your premises and for how long

  • Increase Traffic

  • Add a unique service for your customers & guests

  • Differentiate yourself from competitors

  • Add Revenue

Simple Setup

All CheckBox Systems are configured and ready to go out-of-the-box. Unpack, connect to power, plug into your internet connection & you are ready to go!

Simple to Manage

Using the web browser on any device (Windows, Mac, tablet, smartphone..) you access the administrative panel to create user tickets that contain an access code. You can create different categories of tickets; for example you can offer free 30 minutes of access, good only today with the purchase of each meal, and sell 1 hour of access for $1, or an all month pass for $10. All parameters of the ticket are up to you; the price, the expiration and the amount of time allowed online. With the included credit card software module, your users can also pay on-line directly with a credit card - ideal for areas without an attendant on duty at all times, such as marinas, campgrounds or campuses.

Print the tickets on your printer and distribute to your customers and guests. Your customers and guest then connect to the network, wirelessly, through wired ports you provide, or at PCs that you provide. Using any web browser the guest will automatically be redirected to a logon page that prompts them for their access code. This logon page can feature your graphic, company logo and any messages you want to express to your customers and guests.

Upon entering a valid access code, users will then see a message confirming their access, again featuring your graphics, logo or message, and then they are free to connect to the internet. After their time has elapsed they are automatically returned to the login page, where they must enter a new ticket number if they wish to continue.

You determine what to charge and how long to allow access. You keep 100% of the revenue (no per user licensing fees or host fees). No Annual Licensing Fees or Maintenance Contracts required. Works with Cable, DSL, Satellite, T1 and fiber. 


Got a large property to cover? No Problem! CheckBox can support multiple access points using wired and wireless mesh repeaters.


All CheckBox Systems are configured and ready to go out-of-the-box. Unpack, connect to power, plug into your internet connection & you are ready to go!

All Yours

Unlike systems from large regional or national providers like T-Mobile, ATT and others, users do not have to pre-subscribe to a monthly plan - they can purchase access on an impulse. And these providers keep the lion's share of the revenue, and allow users to roam across locations, including to competitors locations. Check Box lets you keep the revenue, and the customers.

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Keywords: Internet Connection