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By: Charles Van Gelder  09-12-2011
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Useful for (but not limited to) : supermarkets, department stores, restaurants, hospitals, offices, sports facilities, ski resorts, universities, schools K-12, elevators, and any other space or portico which requires appearance and safety enhancement.

Case Study: All commercial, retail or industrial business strive to maintain a clean, professional and presentable foyer or entrance way. First impressions are important and your entryway is the first thing a customer experiences when they enter your facility. Its important to look professional.

The quick solution that most business owners utilize is a service that will lay machine washed mats that are replaced weekly or biweekly for a rental charge. This is the right idea to help trap the dirt and absorb the moisture. However, it may not be the proper image for the cost associated.

Its a matter of fact: Rental matting must be rubber backed and machine washable and often its construction is very thin and inexpensive, so they can be reused over and over again. When you use service the replacement that is brought out is often not a new mat, but a washed mat.

Our products have a Seven-Year Wear Warranty. If you amortize the cost of our products over their life you will find this a better cost efficient alternative then paying the ongoing rental fees. The choice is yours of course, but let us show you a better solution.

Ask Yourself:

  • How many times has your replacement mat looked worse?
  • Are you paying hundreds or thousands of dollars a year for mats?

Your Solution: CvG matting material can be customized to fit any size area. This eliminates the trap that most of us fall into when having to pick standard sizes that the rental companies only supply.

The CvG service will accommodate the exact size that you need with a thicker, more durable, "safety track" backed engineered for the heaviest of traffic. We also sell modular carpet tiles that allow for ease of installation. Furthermore, high traffic areas can easily be replaced by interchanging old tiles with new ones. This eliminates the problem of having to replace an entire area.

Installation: Traditional flooring procedures employed to install all of our products.

Keywords: Mat