How Tenney Can Help You Wisely Buy a Transportation Business

By: Charles Tenney  09-12-2011

Transportation business owners are often reluctant to acquire, because they are not familiar with the process or the benefits of growth through acquisitions. As business owners become more educated about the process of acquiring other companies, they often discover that acquisitions can offer fewer risks and greater returns than organic business development.

Why acquire another transportation business?

  1. Replace lost sales.

  2. Increase fleet utilization through greater volume.

  3. Add a strategic location that could provide a competitive advantage.

  4. Secure quality personnel or technology that provides a competitive advantage.

  5. Buy competition to avoid expense and distraction of fighting competition.

  6. Create additional cash flow.

  7. Increase the value of your existing transportation business.

Steps to Success: The Tenney Group & Acquisitions

Step 1: Prospecting and Screening for the Right Candidates

The Tenney Group searches, qualifies, and screens for the right candidates much faster and far more effectively than a buyer who is trying to work directly with sellers. Distrust is common between industry colleagues. Sellers are much more likely to discuss their exit plans with a third party. As a result, we are able to provide buyers access to acquisitions they may otherwise miss.

Step 2: Examining Seller Goals and Educating

Once a qualified prospect is identified, The Tenney Group examines the seller’s exit goals and helps educate the seller about the sale process and the current selling market. If the seller’s expectations need adjusting, he is more receptive when the message is communicated through an industry expert.

Step 3: Recommending and Presenting an Offer

After examining the seller’s exit goals, The Tenney Group submits offer recommendations to the buyer. Through creative deal structuring, The Tenney Group can help both parties achieve many of their respective transaction goals. Once solidified, we go over the offer step by step with the seller to ensure the buyer’s intent is clearly understood.

Step 4: Third Party Negotiating

Through negotiations, The Tenney Group provides distance between the buyer and seller. This stabilizes the negotiating process by removing emotion from it. Because there is a good chance that the seller may be working directly with the buyer after the transaction, negotiations must be handled delicately. The Tenney Group is often the glue that keeps deals together.

Step 5: Closing the Deal.

Many professionals are involved in getting a transaction across the finish line. The Tenney Group leads the effort while coordinating with the buyer’s and seller’s accountants, attorneys, advisors, etc. Our team helps both the buyer and the seller navigate through an array of complex details until the transaction is complete.

Engaging The Tenney Group’s “Buy Side” Services

If you are considering growth by acquisitions or discussing an acquisition with another transportation business owner, please contact The Tenney Group to speak to an industry expert. We look forward to providing you a no obligation consultation. If it’s transportation, it’s The Tenney Group.

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