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By: Charity Dispatch  09-12-2011
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Do you know the key to a successful vehicle donation program? This simple element is often overlooked and can lead to disaster if not properly managed. If you don’t answer the phone – you don’t get the donations!

Direct ring to answering: We can answer the phones “Hello, this is how may I help you with your donation?”

24/7 Answering (third party service): Because calls don’t only come between 9:00am and 5:00pm

Tailored dispatching: You can tell us where to send your vehicles (or) You can use our custom dispatching system to maximize profitability by utilizing public auctions, dealer auctions, salvage auctions, internet auctions, and direct buy salvage yards.

Get the experience of our Trained Staff: Our staff is trained to answer any and all questions that your donors may have about the recent tax law changes.

Our staff will read from a script you develop: They will be trained on all aspects of your program to include your mission statement and application of your donated vehicles funds after sale.

The bottom line is if you’re not answering your phones with a live voice with in five rings you are losing as much as 50% of your donations!

Keywords: Vehicle Donation

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If you are looking to maximize potential while eliminating investment risks then you are an ideal candidate for our Full Service Program. We will do all the work while giving you 24/7 access to your inventory reports via our state of the art dispatching program. We will provide you with complete transparency so you can stay informed about every aspect of your program. File your annual IRS review.


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Penalties If the IRS finds that your organization knowingly furnished a false or fraudulent acknowledgment, or knowingly failed to furnish the acknowledgment as required by the rules, you can be fined. If you have any questions regarding you tax documentation process please give us a call and we will give you a free no strings attached process review.


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We have established a National Network of Salvage Yards who will pick-up your donation directly from your donor’s house and take it to the scrap yard. With scrap prices at all time highs there has never been a better way to take advantage of what used to be guaranteed losers at auction. Are you still turning down donations because you know you will loose money on them if you send them to auction.


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We have partnered with one of the most powerful marketing agencies in the vehicle donation industry to be able to offer custom tailored programs that fit your budget and your demographic. If some one asked you what your advertising cost per car was for each segment of your advertising budget would you be able to accurately answer that question.