By: Charisma Pools  09-12-2011

Charisma Pools offers annual spring openings and fall closings. The average price for this service is approximately $230 depending on size of pool.

Spring Openings: Charisma Pools comes in and opens your pool for summer enjoyment.
Pump water that is trapped on top of winter cover.
then winter cover is removed and cleaned with special chemicals that reduce algae.
The pool is then vacuumed, cleaning any debris that is left.
Accessories are installed (diving board, steps) and equipment is turned on.

Due to deterioration a lot of the gas furnaces have trouble starting. We will due all our best to ignite the gas furnace but if it can not ignite that it is customers responsibility to call licensed gas technicians. Charisma Pools has access to companies that deal with pool products so therefore we can assist you better.

Winter Closing: Due to the great Canadian winters most of us have to close our pool down for hibernation. Charisma Pools offers great value for a winter closing. The experience we provide ensures that your pool will be safe for winter. Our winter closings include
Water is drained from pool below returns thus disallowing water from entering the pipes which can cause cracking in extreme cold.
Accessories are dismantled and put away.
The water lines are then blown out to guarantee than no water remains
Equipment is also drained of its water contents.
The final stage includes putting the winter cover on the pool. Winter covers vary so please see below

Winter Covers: Charisma Pools installs safety covers, snap on covers, and tarp covers

Safety Cover – A safety cover provides safety and etiquette to your home. This type of cover is strengthened by anchors that are drilled into the deck and stretch the cover to ensure strength.

Snap-On Cover – This type of cover can be installed on a vinyl pool by using the aluminum coping as a snap.

Tarp Covers – Most commonly used winter cover. Tarp is laid on pool and held by water bags. Convenient way to close your pool

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