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By: Chameleon House Of Design  09-12-2011

Services Offered

Chameleon will design and decorate spaces according to your tastes and colour palette, colours, tapestries, fabrics and accessories can all pull your space together for less than you think, on a budget? ..let Chameleon make your dream a reality while utilizing items that you already have complimenting them with our ideas and visions.

If you know you need direction but aren't quite sure how to sum it up; why not look for a package that suits your needs or combine a few, still not sure.. I can also visit your home and give you a custom assessment.

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Colour, flooring, floor plans… whatever your needs are we are there to help.  We are also able to look at floor plans to see if we can provide tweaks from a design point of view that might create a unique space and which might save you money before the walls go up.

Do you want us to design a space, possibly a new bathroom, a new kitchen …perhaps recreate a concrete basement into an additional luxurious extension of the rest of your home?   Whether a media room, games room or an additional bedroom?  Then let us bring our crews in to implement the design…transforming your dream to a reality.

Are you building a home and overwhelmed with the selection process of materials such as counter tops, flooring, carpet, trim work and on and on? Whether we accompany you to the builder’s colour room or to the showrooms that your builder has budgeted for, we will take the stress out and make the selection process an enjoyable experience helping you select items that you will be happy with for years to come.   

Let us renew your space while you are being renewed at a spa.  After an initial consultation to determine what you would like done in your home, we will come in and perform the transformation while you are enjoying a day at the spa.  Both you and your space will be revitalized when you arrive back home!

Do you have company arriving on short notice.  No time to get the guest room ready?  Let us help you provide your guests with a luxurious stay with the use of new towels, bedding, soaps even tourist information and of course chocolate… We’ll have your guests feeling so comfortable that they’ll never want to leave or leave you wanting to be a guest in your own home.

Are you newly single and not really in to dining out alone but getting a little bored of dinner in, in front of the TV or feeling a little down with an empty nest? …. Well let us help!!!!  We will warm up and create a space that allows you to feel as though you’re dining in a bistro. 
We will also sign you up for a cooking class at the same time with the Food Diva…You will feel better about your space and yourself and when you’re ready then you’ll have the skills and the ambiance that will quickly increase your dining numbers or at the very least create a table for two.

Are you moving? Let us help …. For this service we will partner with an organization to help get to “The Heart of Matter” and to get you moved and organized at the same time. Why move what you don’t want or need?  Partner this package with homes to go and you’re all set.

Whether an office, daycare, bakery or wherever your vocation lies we can help with the décor, injecting our creative vision to create a spectacular outcome making work much more enjoyable. 

Without accessorizing. it’s like …not icing a cake…  When your paint is perfect, you adore your floor but still feel like “the frosting is missing” call us in.  We pride ourselves on our ability to complete your space with the finishing touches it needs.

Selling your home? Let us provide staging secrets to help your home be the best it can be for prospective buyers… bringing you top dollar.

Why not stage to stay… if you just moved in and want your place to come together quickly until you’re ready for more or if you love the look of a model home ambiance , let us use the same staging secrets …to stay!

If you want to tackle your whole home but your budget is being a little bossy, how about a long term plan on how to go room by room and keeping the flow as you go. We’ll break it down so that you can work on each step as your budget allows.

Looking for a larger bathroom? Possibly more storage? We will look at your space and reclaim a bit of real-estate by suggesting a layout adjustment, whether that means moving furniture or moving walls.

Do you have a space that you feel your bumpin’ around in or feeling anxious about instead of relaxed. Could be you just need a reconfiguration of what you already have to make the space flow better and leave you feeling comfortable instead of crazy.

Exterior colour advice, outdoor room design or suggestions on how to bring your personality outdoors as well as in.

Want to take care of a home project yourself but need help with where to start, what to do, when you should bring who in?  We’ll help create a Plan of Action to get you going and keep you on track.

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