CGIT -   CGIT Services

By: Cgitus  09-12-2011

CGIT has created multiple layers of support to make sure that the end user has as much product support as possible to establish satisfaction. We have the following processes to achieve end user satisfaction:

TECH SUPPORT - Engineers trained to give the end user and/or CGIT'S area distributor onsite technical support upon request. This includes installation, troubleshooting, repairs based on end user and/or local distributor request.

AREA SUPERVISOR- Manages and supports the area distributor.

AREA DISTRIBUTOR- Visits the end user frequently. The visits consist of developing customer relationships and solving problems as they arise.

CGIT IN-HOUSE CUSTOMER SERVICE- Each quarter, team members from CGIT in-house customer service visit customers in order to ensure customer satisfaction and success with the client’s product.       

CGIT TOLL FREE CALL CENTER- CGIT also maintains a call center for customer support. The call center contacts customers on a frequent basis to determine customer satisfaction. Customer assistance is available 24 hours a day toll free.

GMI (Global Medical Instrumentation)- Serves as the media arm of CGIT providing online customer support.  Each manufacturer will receive feedback from inquiries managed by the call center