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By: Certek  09-12-2011


One size doesn’t always fit all, and CERTEK is ready for the challenge to make whatever heating device that you might need. Our units are capable of delivering up to 1.8 million BTU

The Certek applications continue to grow with every customer request. You bring us the problem, we will find the solution.

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Hot Pod | Certek Heat Machines

When the warm water rises, the heated water is forced through the top of the Pod, creating a vacuum effect that sucks cold water up through the bottom. This allows the body of water to be heated internally at a continuous rate, making the Hotpod more efficient than usual methods of pond heating. With the patented CERTEK Hotpod, the entire body of water is heated from the inside-out and easily maintains exactly its desired temperature.


Hot Orange | Certek Heat Machines

One of the many add-on components for the CERTEK Heat Machine, this Class 1, Division 1, flameless heat source eliminates ignition and fire hazards and makes the HOT ORANGE the safest, most economical heating solution available. Much lower insurance premiums, Very dry heat, Eliminates mold, No fumes poison gases or flames, Thermostatically controlled, Capable of heating very large areas quickly. VAPOR FREE, FLAMELESS SPACE HEATING.