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By: Cerebra Software  09-12-2011

StacKalc combines the features and ease of use of a simple pocket calculator with a set of powerful stack manipulation tools.

It's multiple input boxes give you the ability to both perform simple calculations and solve basic arithmetic equations.

Using StacKalc's command buttons you can


numeric data to its


area. Manipulate these stored results using the


command buttons then


these results into future calculations.

StacKalc also gives you the power to

copy and paste

numeric rows or columns from your spreadsheets

into the Windows clipboard

. Once there you can perform multiple sets of calculations,then copy

your results

or simulated paper tape output

back into your spreadsheet or word processor


Either step through your calculations or set the StacKalc to

Auto mode

Delete your errors by utilizing StacKalc's


button which allows you to return the system to any previous state.

Instantly view avalable RAM using StacKalc's

Memory available

status bar.

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