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By: Cequint  09-12-2011

Cequint © - products

CALLER ID IS NOW AVAILABLE ON MOBILE PHONES. AND IT IS EVEN BETTER. Enhanced Caller ID offers the same call screening privacy and control subscribers have come to expect from their home phone, but with a more enriched calling experience made possible by Cequint.

Cequint's Picture Me feature allows callers to express themselves by choosing the picture others will see when they call. A favorite team, an important moment, anything that can be captured in a picture can be displayed as your Caller ID image on capable handsets.

IN ADDITION TO THE INCOMING NAME, Cequint's City ID compares incoming numbers to a database of over 20,000
city, state combinations in the US and Canada and provides that information with the incoming call. In some cases, the caller’s name may be not available in the operator’s system, making City ID another reliable way to identify who is calling. In fact, City ID is the leading Caller ID tool in wireless, with over 50 million devices launched by Cequint carrier partners and counting.

I usually don’t answer numbers I don’t recognize but with Cequint I was able to identify a call from my bank about a mortgage application issue. It was a tight timeframe and I could have missed closing on our house without it. Thank you Cequint!
– David C., Asheville, North Carolina

I get business calls from all over the United States. With Cequint, I can identify callers and decide if answering should be a priority based on the other things I have going on. Caller ID helps me be more efficient at work - no question about it.
– Tom J., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

There is nothing worse than getting unwanted calls. Before Cequint I answered practically every call. I was doing this because I live in Massachusetts, which is one of the states with way too many area codes. But using your product, I was able to determine if I should take the call or not depending on the town or city the call was coming from.
– James B., Pittsfield, Massachusetts

The very best purchase I have ever made for my phone has been Caller ID. It has taken all the guess work out for me. I work all over the world and when I received a call at a glance I can see where it is coming from. I would recommend this program to anyone. Once you try it you will wonder why you haven't had it on your phone all the time. Thank you for the program.
– Chuck A., Evanston, Illinois

I live in NY, I was selling a house in Virginia and I was in California for a job interview. While in the interview, my phone rang every few minutes with calls from family and coworkers so I could safely ignore them. But, when I saw a call came in from Leesburg, VA, I knew I had to take it. It's a good thing I took it – a buyer was yelling and ready to walk out because one appliance wasn't working the way she expected. Over the phone, I was able to work out a deal to fix the appliance. If not for Caller ID, I would have probably let the call go to voice mail and the closing would have fallen through.
– Jason S., Larchmont, New York

A onetime date was one of these pests that would call me at any time of the day. Before Cequint my phone would only display the phone number and I never could relate the person calling with his phone number. Cequint has definitely fixed the problem by allowing me to control when I answer my phone, when to ignore a call.
– Jules S., Los Angeles, California

Cequint simplified my life. I was able to identify a competitor that called fishing for information!
– Terry G., Dallas, Texas