By: Ceo Marketing Solutions  09-12-2011
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We are a full-service organization, with a number of specialities.


AsCEO Marketing Solutions Groupis a"marketing" company we are pleased to offer the following services either directly or indirectly through an established network of "boutique" companies that excel in their respective field of specialty.

  • Marketing Consulting Services

If you/your company have products or services that are unique, different or present niche opportunities, have management with open minds and you want to introduce them to the world stage then CEO Marketing Solutions Groupcan help! With decades of experience at senior management levels in the national and international marketplace in very technical and commodity products we can provide objective input and assistance in development of a strategic marketing or sales plan. 

We have provided marketing consulting services in the past to many multinational pharmaceutical and medical device companies, soft drink manufacturing companies, universities, printing companies, OEM manufacturers, teaching hospitals, numerous dental practices, fund raising foundations, politicians and small businesses!

  • Qualitative Market Research

Business is about perception andreality! If your company feels they knowor want to know how they are perceived by their clients/customers or potential customers then you/your company should consider contracting an attitudinal market research project!

Employing an experienced research professional can produce accurate"attitudinal"results that can assist your team in correcting "real"difficiencies in your organization whether they be in customer service, the service department, the sales department or in your products.

More than 50 different national and international "research" projects have been completed by the CEO of the CEO Marketing Services Group!

  • Communications Management


Our CEO and associates have more than a decade of senior experience in "all" aspects of the print process.  Whether it be the content management development, design and production of a POP, sales flyer, catalogue, magazine or newspaper we know where all the "state of the art",  trade onlyprinting presses are!  These presses will produce your job on highly efficient, computer driven and cost effective equipment. When it's time to reprint your product, in most cases the presses are capable of "remembering your project's colour profile, resulting in incredible colour reproduction andconsistency.

From the creative development, to file transfer, to printed product, to delivery we will and can
manage it all for you !

Interactive Media

When your company requires a DVD or "interactive" CD developed to deliver it's message or goods/services in a catalogue format the CEO Group can provide you/your company with the services of the brightest talent in the industry today!   

Looking for an approach that will differentiate you/your company from your competition..the CEO Marketing Solutions Group can make it happen!

  • Keynote Business Speakers

CEO Group members have presented on stages throughout North America and Europe for a wide variety of different kinds of companies and organizations.

If you/your company need a speaker
to address your next regional or national salesmeeting, your association or your staff and you want the speaker and their message to be "the hit of the show" us!  Outstanding references can be provided!

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