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By: Centurions Defense  09-12-2011
Keywords: law enforcement, Military And Law Enforcement, Defense Tactics

Critical military and law enforcement missions today require measured control and the ability to use non-lethal or lethal force when necessary. Close quarter’s battle combatives are paramount to operators who need to detain or neutralize opposing threats. Centurions Defense provides tailored, mission-specific close quarter’s combatives and defensive tactics training that allows the operator to suppress or eliminate an aggressor while protecting himself, his team, and the mission parameters at the same time.

Our program provides the physical skills necessary to successfully complete the difficult mission of counter-aggressor combat to eliminate a threat or to keep those aggressors alive for arrest, intelligence collection, and prosecution. The training is intense and focuses on the realities of combat and promoting combat efficiency and effectiveness while allowing discretion in the application of fighting techniques.  The trained operator is capable of utilizing an array of personal defense tactics which can seamlessly transition to armed combat when required.

We offer a wide range of combatives services including assessments/consultation, mission specific program creation, Discretionary Tactics, and applied training.  Our cost-effective solutions are focused on mitigating risk and prevailing against danger, and will be customized to meet your unique security needs, whenever and wherever they occur.

Centurions Defense provides innovative and effective tactical combatives solutions to those we serve. Our services include:
•    Assessment and Consulting
•    Combatives Programs Tailored to Unit Missions
•    Discretionary Tactics
•    Applied Training

Keywords: Defense Tactics, law enforcement, Military And Law Enforcement