By: Cedric Yu  09-12-2011
Keywords: Video, Memory Cards, Doorway Dolly

Directed by: David McDonald
Directors of Photography: Graham and Nelson Talbot

AD1: Michelle Kee
AD2: Natasha Wehn
RED Cam Op: Shawn Seifert
RED Cam Asst: Jesse Vance
Key Grip/Gaffer: Jeff
Grips/PAs: Ian MacDougall, Kane Stewart, the ADs, Bryce Logan, Helena Cate, Edith Tee
B-roll, Stills: Cedric Yu
Crane Ops: Cedric Yu, Kane Stewart
(temp/unofficial credits)

Here are some of the Behind the Scenes photos!

An epic shoot on a really low budget; a lot of people helped us out in favors, providing us with equipment, time, and manpower.
Thanks to Erik Andersen of for the car mount;
it rained on the night of our chase scene so we didn’t get to use it; but hopefully will if there are pickups.
The Talbot twins made the whole underground party scene (and most of the shoot) work with pretty much only 4 PAR lights.
Can’t wait to see the final product in a few weeks!
Big thanks to all who have come out to help us, and for braving the cold on the last night of principal; our actress/star was visibly shivering at about 2-3am.
Other stuff the cast and crew braved: the rain on the first night of shoot,
the heat and stuffiness of the underground party scene (the walls were condensed with i-dunno-what).
Be sure to look out for the video! Some crazy stunts and VFX will be in there
(there might be a few more BTS shots from the 3rd day coming soon, I don’t have all my memory cards back yet).

Some of the gear used-
Cameras: RED Mysterium, 7D, 5D MkII
Lenses: Nikon Primes; Zeiss ZE 21mm f2.8, 50mm f1.4; Canon EF 24mm f1.4L, 85mm f1.2L, 70-200mm f2.8L IS
Lights: PARs, Altman Fresnels, Z96 LEDs
Grip: MSE Doorway Dolly + Track, 8×8′ Silk, 4×4′ Solids and 250 Diffusion, Flexfills, Photoflex Greenscreen
Camera Support: Kessler 18′ Crane + Revolution Head, 3′ Cineslider, Sony Monitor, Lilliput Monitor, Manfrotto Fig Rig

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The gear that I used from 2001-2003

Camera: Pentax MZ50

Lenses: Pentax 28-80 f3.5, Sigma 100-300mm f4.5, Vivitar 19m-35mm f3.5

Yes, the 100-300mm lens was KIA (killed-in-action). Was shooting a game of soccer and the ball knocked the lens off the body. Never replaced it. 300mm is the furthest telephoto lens I ever had, even till today.

Film: most often Fuji 400 Color Negatives, sometimes 800 for concerts

My favorite photo-lab was Konota, at Peninsula Plaza (Singapore).

Towards the end of 2003, I also used the school’s Sony DSC-F707/717.

The camera could shoot video, so this was kind of my first “camcorder”.

Here’s one of the videos Dax and I edited shortly after graduating from Secondary 4 (Grade 10). Dax shot some of the stuff on his Canon Ixus. The whole process was a lot of fun and I started to like making videos.

Yeah, you must be thinking, “LOL this got you into filmmaking???”

We figured out how to edit on premiere in less than a week too; Dax figured it out first, I gave up and almost wanted to present the video clips on powerpoint (what was I thinking? learnt not to give up too easily since then)… and we finished editing a few “shorts” like the one you saw in about two weeks. It was great fun, and real good times. Hey, not bad for some teens from about 7 years back eh? Who on earth shoots SD now anyways.

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Keywords: Doorway Dolly, Memory Cards, Video,

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Hearing that Kiefer was using the RED One to shoot his fourth year film, I had to get on his set; and so I did on the last day of his shoot as grip and set photographer. One of the notable incidents was that the camera was close to being destroyed/damaged when the jib toppled over while on a dolly move when it ran over my feet.



AD1: Michelle KeeAD2: Natasha WehnRED Cam Op: Shawn SeifertRED Cam Asst: Jesse VanceKey Grip/Gaffer: JeffGrips/PAs: Ian MacDougall, Kane Stewart, the ADs, Bryce Logan, Helena Cate, Edith TeeB-roll, Stills: Cedric YuCrane Ops: Cedric Yu, Kane Stewart. Sincerely,Michelle KeeVladimir FedulovCedric YuDevan Scott.



For some really odd reason, Vlad, Devan, Cedric and I decided to compete in the music video competition for The Break’s Winkipop. One of the baddest, most fearsome dog in camp, Qundo can only be handled by a few dog trainers. A shot from the Halloween party organized by SFU Astronomy Club. I’m currently picking some photos for my portfolio.



I cam-assisted for D.O.P (Director of Photography) Felix Oltean on the Panasonic HVX300, and when the 5D2 had the 24fps update, I shot a short “news report” clip for Dylan in one of the later pickups. Hearing that Kiefer was using the RED One to shoot his fourth year film, I had to get on his set; and so I did on the last day of his shoot as grip and set photographer.