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By: Ccpp  09-12-2011
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Segregated Funds or Seg Funds, are in some ways similar to mutual funds. However, Segregated funds offer many advantages including maturity and death benefit guarantees.

Segregated Funds have the ability to bypass estate probate and provide creditor protection.

Solutions for your investment needs:

Guaranteed: Your deposit stays in a protected account, where it accumulates at the growth rate determined by the fund. There are four (4) funds to choose from. You can select to have your deposit accumulate over time or receive a monthly income (annuity).

Death benefit guarantee: When a segregated fund annuitant dies and even if market value of the investment has declined, the named beneficiary will receive the guaranteed amount, less any withdrawals and fees, if applicable.

Estate preservation. Is a critical part of financial planning. Many people don’t realize that probate is a public process and can cost a substantial amount of money.

"The assets in a Segregated fund can be paid directly to your named beneficiary, thus avoiding the cost and complications of probate. By avoiding probate, you keep your financial affairsprivate while more of your proceeds pass directly to your named beneficiaries."

Potential creditor protection: With the Segregated fund in most cases, there are no concerns about protecting your money from creditors (including a possible future bankruptcy).

Note: You can not transfer all assets into a segregated fund the day before declaring bankruptcy and expect to avoid all claims. However, there is legal precedent if the arrangements were made well in advance.

Business Advantage: Many small business owners consider investing in Segregated funds as protection against future business risks.

Resets: When the current value of your investment is greater than your original investment, segregated funds allow you to benefit from market gains by resetting your guaranteed values. Resetting your guaranteed values typically extends your maturity date. For example, if you reset two years into a standard segregated fund contract, your maturity date would be moved forward by two years.

In Conclusion

A diverse investment portfolio with safety guarantees is a must  and Segregated funds are an excellent choice in achieving peace of mind.  

Segregated Funds are classed as an insurance contract, which means the assets held in your Sons of Scotland Guaranteed Investment Fund are protected from creditors. Under provincial laws, the interests of insurance beneficiaries may override the claims of creditors. Please feel free to about your individual circumstances and/or business needs.

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Keywords: Estate Probate, Segregated Funds,

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