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Our 3D Visualization Services

3D Visualization Services for Homeowners and Remodelers

CastleView 3D really can help your dreams take shape.

We specialize in turning two-dimensional home plans, drawings, floorplans, or blueprints into detailed three-dimensional renderings of near-photographic quality.

CastleView 3D can help you visualize how your new home or room will look BEFORE you embark on an expensive building, remodeling, or redecorating project. You can compare different layouts, surfaces, furniture, landscaping, accents, or finish materials to uncover your home's hidden potential and determine what works best for you.

Each CastleView 3D project is custom-designed to give you the information you need for important decisions.

Depending on your needs and budget, we can provide any combination of the following:

  • interior views
  • exterior views
  • landscaping and decks
  • night views

We can customize your renderings to include your own art, fabrics, furnishings, and site views. We'll be happy to produce a set of images that delivers precisely what you need.

Viewing your new home or remodeling project in 3-D before it even begins is a cost-effective way to be sure your results will be exactly what you dreamed they would be.

Use CastleView 3D images when you consult with your architect or designer
to help explain exactly how you want your project to look.


3D Rendering Services for Architects, Builders, Designers, and Realtors

High-quality 3D renderings can take your design presentations to a new level and help you make the sale.

Whether it's a presentation to a potential client or renderings of floorplans for your website or brochures, taking the extra step of "staging" and creating high-quality renderings of your designs is important to your sales success.

For Realtors, showing potential buyers a 3d floorplan of a home they're interested in can really help them envision themselves and their belongings in the space. And if you have a vacant property, let CastleView 3D help sell it with "virtual staging" -- adding furnishings and decor to photographs or 3d models of empty homes can help them look much more inviting to potential buyers.

Virtual home staging and remodeling can also be useful tools for real estate investors looking for financing. Don't just tell lenders about the value your efforts will add to the property -- SHOW THEM!!


"One of the finest up and coming Architectural graphic artists.. Has done work for me and I was really satisfied with the results. She is bright, well-educated, and knows her craft, and is seeking to develop it to perfection. Very honest in all her dealings and you always get more than you pay for. She asks many questions and is always concerned for the client's needs. A job well done is spoken by many who have experienced what she has brought to the table. This is truly one of Chief Architect's finest. Thanks for everything.. You are special because you care."

~ A. Tingley, designer, "A Design Place," Vancouver, WA

CastleView 3D can create a customized "virtual tour" to showcase your home or apartment plans. The tour can include your branding, and can be hosted on your website, on ours, or posted to the MLS. Other options include a printable flyer, neighborhood information, and more.

Why should you outsource your renderings?

Keywords: Architect, remodeling