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By: Cassandra Macleane  09-12-2011

Psychic Readings

The fee for a 1 hour reading with Cassandra is $145.

Cassandra has clients all over the world. She conducts psychic counseling sessions over the phone and internet. If you live in Vancouver Canada, there are a limited number of in-person appointments available. Call Blaise at (604) 836-9852 with questions and to schedule an appointment, or scroll down and fill in the "Book an Appointment" form below, and someone will contact you.

In addition to psychic readings, Cassandra provides several other services. These include:

Cassandra's Secret Cycle Guide

Have Cassandra do your chart and create a year long guide to your cycles -- literally, a book about you. In your personal Secret Cycle Guide, you will find an explanation of your yearly cycle, monthly cycles and daily cycles. It is available in a hard cover version (popular for gifts) and online. An invaluable guide to "Why you do, what you do, when you do it" with an eye to the next 12 months.

Name Balancing

Everything vibrates at its own individual frequency, this includes names and addresses. Cassandra practices a system of numbers which can create balance in the vibration of a name for yourself, your business, your baby or your pet. Cassandra is willing to work with babies names for no fee as her contribution to the balance of the world.

Public Speaking

Cassandra is available to give talks, lectures and classes to groups. She has developed and teaches a four week workshop on Numerology.


House Cleansing (not house cleaning), this ritual is a way of cleansing a space of unwanted or stale energy. Cassandra also designs rituals around career change, retirement and croning.

Buy a gift certificate for a reading with Cassandra for your friends and family this Christmas. Both electronic and hard copy versions are available.

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