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By: Cascade Biodiesel  09-12-2011
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FuelMeister II
Personal Biodiesel Production System

FuelMeister II (115v Domestic)
$2995 + ship 

With a FuelMeister II you don't have to be a plumber or mechanic to make your own biodiesel. This is not a hobby kit but an easy to assemble and tested system built with quality materials. You get all the specialized equipment and accessories you need to start making biodiesel that same day. All you need to add is vegetable oil, methanol, lye, electricity and tap water. The whole setup fits comfortably in the corner of your garage. And because it's a "closed" system you won't have to pour or stir any liquids. A digital scale is included so you can accurately measure your own lye. The FuelMeister will turn even heavily used cooking oil into clean burning, biodegradable and smooth-running biodiesel. Whatever you own that runs on #2 diesel fuel you can power with the biodiesel you produce with your own FuelMeister II processor system."The FuelMeister from Renewal Fuels is by far the fastest, easiest and safest way for individuals to start making their own high quality biodiesel." Joshua Tickell, Author "From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank"

  • Sets up in minutes in a 30"X30" space
  • Can make 80 gallons per day
  • Supplies cost less than $1¢/gal.
  • 1hr. hands-on time per 40 gallon batch
  • Exclusive 100% draining conical tank
  • Modular add-on tank connections
  • Direct Catalyst Injection
  • Completely closed & fumeless
  • Continuous water washing
  • Solid-state pump timer/controller
Biodiesel Output 2 batches of 40 gallons washed biodiesel per day
Mix Turnover Rate 330 gallons (6.9 batch volumes) per hour
Vegetable Oil Input 40 gallons for each 40 gallon batch of biodiesel
Methanol Input 8 gallons for each 40 gallon batch of biodiesel
Operator Time 1 hour per bach (typical)
Pump Electricals 120VAC, 60Hz, 5.5 amps
Tank Material Chemical grade medium density polyethylene
Tank Stands Welded steel frame with anchor holes pre-drilled
Plumbing Materials Chemical grade steel with steel/stainless ball valves
Processor Capacity 55 gallons (maximum)
Processor Size 62" high x 25" diameter
Shipping Weight Approx. 125 lbs. (shipped by UPS in 2 boxes)

FuelMeister II Dual (115v Domestic)
$3895 + ship

The FuelMeister II Dual makes 3-40 gallon batches of biodiesel in a 24 hour period. This is not a do-it-yourself kit, but a complete system with all the key components you need to make your own biodiesel with ease and confidence. The FuelMeister II Dual features 2-55 gallon tanks, either of which can be used for catalyst injection or water washing. And with a 30"x70" footprint, the FuelMeister II Dual is very compact. Just prepare a barrel of waste vegetable oil, a barrel of methanol, 2 cans of Red Devil lye, an empty barrel for your biodiesel, a power outlet and a water hose. With that you can start making biodiesel the same day you receive your FuelMeister II!

Biodiesel Advantages
  • 80% lower emissions than fossil diesel
  • Made mostly from waste vegetable oil
  • As biodegradable as table salt
  • Use it in vehicles, generators, furnaces
  • Can be used alone or with fossil diesel
  • Exhaust smells like a deep-fat fryer
  • Reduces dependency on foreign oil
  • Dramatically reduces diesel pollution
  • Engines run smoother, last longer
  • Zero diesel engine modification
System Includes
  • Step-by-Step Manual & DVD
  • Processor Tank & Stand
  • Water Wash Lid
  • DCI Lye Dissolver Lid
  • Manual Alcohol Pump & Hose
  • Electrical Disconnect Oil Drawtube
  • 2 Digital Lye Scales
  • Oil Titration Test Kit
  • Operator Safety Kit

* Renewal Fuels has a policy of continuous product improvement and reserves the right to make changes to product designs and materials without notice so long as the product meets published specifications.

The FuelMeister II comes with a full set of accessories. This means you can start making biodiesel the same day you receive your system. From oil draw plumbing to titration kit to digital lye scales, everything has been thought out for your safety, convenience and confidence in the process from start to finish. All you need is a barrel of used fryer oil (FREE), lye (20¢/gal. biodiesel), a barrel of racing methanol (50¢ /gal. biodiesel), a barrel Titration Kit User Safety Kit Methanol Pump Digital Scale


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Keywords: Biodiesel, Oil, Vegetable Oil

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