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By: Carton  09-12-2011
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Carton Optical / Valley Microscope services all types of educational microscopes, balances and hot plates. A minimum of 10 pieces of equipment is required for on site service. This does not apply if you qualify under a pre-arranged service contract. For repairs of 9 units or less please send your equipment to our Service Department at the address listed below. Do not forget to include your contact information, phone number and email address. An estimate will be provided before any work is done.
Satisfaction Guaranteed!
InstrumentService DescriptionPrice*
MicroscopeCleaning, repairs, adjustments - dust cover & service label included$17.00
Mechanical BalanceCleaning, repairs & calibration$15.00
Electronic BalanceCleaning, Repairs & non-certified calibration$25.00
Hot PlateCleaning, repairs & adjustments$35.00
*Prices do not include replacement parts or taxes.
*Prices will be different for non-educational instruments and certain brands of electronic balances.

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