TV White Space for Rural Broadband

By: Carlson Wireless Technologies  09-12-2011
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Carlson’s New TV White Space Broadband Radio

Carlson is proud to announce the new , now with four times the speed of Version I! With speeds up to 16 Mb/s, the RuralConnect® IP Version II offers all the throughput necessary for today’s broadband needs. Customers are already queueing up for this exciting new rural broadband solution, coming December 2011.

How It Works

Carlson has teamed up with database provider Telcordia to offer live demos at events around the country, to show how TV white-space equipment interacts with spectrum databases for interference-free operation. You can see it for yourself in this short video, "Dynamic Spectrum in Action":

New Partnership with Software Designer, Neul

Carlson has partnered with software engineers at Neul to develop a next-generation radio that will be even faster and more affordable, giving broadband users access to more than 200 MHz of high-quality white-space radio spectrum. Volume shipments of the new system are planned before the end of 2011, with samples and development equipment available before then.

Carlson and Neul are committed to working closely with wireless Internet service providers (WISPs) and others to bring affordable broadband connectivity to under-served regions around the globe.

Breakthrough Technology

Popular Mechanics calls it one of the The Economist says it's Fortune magazine calls it

With our Generation II RuralConnect® IP, Carlson is now the major contender in the TV white-space industry. Read on to see how Carlson customers, like the , are using TV white-space technology to bring broadband where it's never been before.

For a more detailed discussion, download our white paper, "Super Wi-Fi: Using TV White Space for Rural Broadband."

A New Possibility for Rural Broadband-- and Beyond

What exactly is this new technology, and why are TV white spaces revolutionizing the rural broadband industry?

at the FISPA/WISPA Service Provider Summit in Orlando, Florida.

Better Coverage than Wi-Fi

White space is a smart choice for wireless Internet service providers (WISPs) or public safety agencies seeking greater broadband capabilities than WiMIX or Wi-Fi can provide.

This breakthrough technology was nicknamed “Super Wi-Fi” because of its superior range and its ability to penetrate obstacles such as trees, buildings and rough terrain. While Wi-Fi has a fairly limited range, and can be blocked by walls and other obstacles, a network utilizing TV white-space technology can cover a greater area than Wi-Fi while requiring less equipment. Have a look at the path study comparison below:

This diagram, showing a radius propagation of 25 miles, compares the potential

coverage of Wi-Fi and TV white-space signals.

Better Propagation than Microwave

Mcrowave links require line-of-sight between the points being connected. In areas with many trees or rugged terrain, the tall towers necessary to provide this line-of-sight connection make microwave an unfeasible solution.

TV white-space technology, on the other hand, provides an effective alternative to microwave because lower-frequency VHF/UHF signal can penetrate obstacles and cover uneven ground without requiring extensive additional infrastructure.

Yurok Tribal lands, pictured above, are too rugged for traditional microwave

links. TV white-space technology is a valuable tool for rural communities that

need to bring affordable broadband to residents, businesses and public safety agencies.

Carlson Customers on the Cutting Edge

A number of Carlson customers, including the , have received experimental licenses to begin installing their TV white-space networks. Carlson's , currently available only under experimental license, is poised to be the first-to-market TV band device.

Meanwhile, CEO Jim Carlson is becoming widely known as an expert in the field of TV white space. In the past few months, Jim has been a featured speaker at events like , the , the , the and more. Jim also presented for Wireless Communications Association International (WCAI).

In this video, Carlson Wireless CEO Jim Carlson first unveils the RuralConnect™ IP

at the California Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (WISPA)

meeting in Sunnyvale, Calif. December, 2010. Carlson believes that RuralConnect IP will be
solution WISPs have been searching for to bring broadband

to users in even the most remote areas.

Learn More

To learn more about the and what TV white-space technology can do for your project and your community, . You can also sign up to view our .

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