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By: Carinspect  09-12-2011
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On average, each used vehicle examined by Car inspect needs approximately $600.00 in hidden repairs. The sellers, including dealers and 'corner car lots' all claim that their vehicles have never been in an accident and need no repairs. 'Our guys checked it out.. it has a warranty.. it's certified'. Don't just assume that a used vehicle needs no repairs because it looks good and runs well. IT'S USED! Call Car inspect for a thorough pre-purchase inspection today and have our guys do their check before you write yours.

A thorough panel-by-panel external visual inspection of the vehicle - including paint condition, rust, evidence of body filler and poor panel alignment. We check for signs of body flex like stress cracks resulting from a weakening body frame. We also inspect the undercarriage, looking for evidence of major collision repairs, corrosion, fluid leaks, or any obvious recent repairs that may indicate existing or future problems.

  • A visual inspection of the interior including correctness of materials used on the seats, carpets, headliner etc. We check for signs of water infiltration, condition of floor pans as well as a check of all instrumentation and electrical equipment.
  • A test drive of the vehicle to evaluate any detectible problems in the engine, transmission, steering, suspension, and brakes under various driving conditions.
  • A check of the title, ownership records and any warranty paperwork. We can also supply photographs any issues found so you'll see what we saw.
  • A Free professional consultation, both pre & post inspection.
  • Plus over 150 detailed inspection points!!

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Keywords: vehicle