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By: Caribcare  09-12-2011
Keywords: leadership, human resource, Psychometric Assessments

To assist our clients and organisations in the Caribbean region, we can partner with their Human Resource or Organisational Development departments to offer a range of scientifically evaluated instruments that allow for the best fit between the industry, employer, job role and employee.

Some of these assessments are available by internet, paper and pencil, or fax; and results returned within minutes, depending on the format utilised.

Through our Partners we can offer Psychometric Assessments that include the following:

Temparament Evaluator: Analyzes the personality and the professional profile.

Temperament Evaluator provides an in-depth personality profiling and job temperament analysis based on 12 dimensions of personality. It is a popular psychometric tool recommended to companies as a recruitment and assessment tool.

BF 5 Personality test: Measures big five traits of personality.

BF5 Personality Test is based on the Big Five Model of Personality, which originated in the early 20th century. The test measures what psychologists and organizational practitioners consider to be the five fundamental dimensions of personality. Recruitment agencies and institutions find it useful for getting a general idea about a candidate relative to other prospective employees.

Sales Profile: Select the best Sales force.

The Sales Profile determines whether or not a candidate or employee has a natural flair for sales by measuring his/her persuasive abilities. The test further identifies the candidate's sales niche (field sales, business development, client relations) and compatibility with eight associated sales positions. The Sales Profile is used for recruitment as well as training and auditing of the sales force.

CTPI Pro: Assess work-personality, competencies and leadership style with a single tool.

CTPI-Pro provides a comprehensive assessment of work related personality traits that play a crucial role in performance on the job. This tool assesses work personality on 20 distinct dimensions identified as predictors of performance in a variety of jobs. It is calibrated for its accuracy and scientifically designed to be used by HR managers and Psychologists alike.

Management Skills Test: Evaluate leadership skills.

Management Skills Test assesses aptitude for and style of management and that of leadership. It is based on 7 basic dimensions of management and compares the candidate against ideal profile of typical roles (leader, manager, entrepreneur, etc.).. Management Skills Test is used not only in recruitment but also in training and development.

Employee Screening Questionnaire.

The Employee Screening Questionnaire (ESQ) is a personality-based selection assessment. It provides a hiring report accurately predicting applicants' probable job commitment (low-turnover), risk of engaging in counterproductive work behaviours, as well as propensity for positive work behaviours.

Basic Personality Inventory.

The BPI is a multiphasic personality inventory intended for use with both clinical and normal populations to identify sources of maladjustment and personal strengths. The easy reading level (grade 5) means the BPI may be used with a variety of adolescent and adult groups.

Jackson Personality Inventory - Revised.

The JPI-R measures variables associated with people's interpersonal, educational, and work-related behaviour and functioning. It is useful in personnel selection, team-building, managerial counselling, and research. JPI-R scales are empirically linked to more than 40 managerial performance dimensions.

Leadership Development Report.

A unique, empirically based assessment that analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of a leader on 25 work-relevant personality dimensions. The LDR recommends strategies for maximizing leadership effectiveness based on one's personality profile.

Leadership Skills Profile – Selection + Development

This version of the Leadership Skills Profile combines the LSP Selection Report for use in identifying and assessing top candidates, and the LSP Development Report to share with candidates.

Multidimensional Emotional Intelligence Assessment - Workplace.

The Multidimensional Emotional Intelligence Assessment - Workplace (MEIA-W) is a 144-item, self-report measure of emotional intelligence (EI) based on Salovey and Mayer’s (1990) multidimensional conceptualization of EI, and takes about 20 minutes to complete. The MEIA-W returns scores on 10 primary scales. EI is expected to contribute to a wide range of work outcomes relating to the appraisal, management, and utilization of emotions in the self and others.

Occupational Stress Inventory - Revised Edition™

The revised edition of the Occupational Stress Inventory is a concise measure of three dimensions of occupational adjustment: occupational stress, psychological strain, and coping resources. For each of these domains, scales measure specific attributes of the environment or individual that represents important characteristics of occupational adjustment.

Sigma Survey for Sales Professionals.

The 3SP helps identify and place top applicants for sales positions. The comprehensive report analyzes candidates' strengths and weaknesses on 28 dimensions important for success in sales, and provides a description of how personality will affect expected performance in each area.

Six Factor Personality Questionnaire.

The SFPQ encompasses and extends the Big-5. Research provided strong evidence that dividing Conscientiousness into Industriousness and Methodicalness improves convergent and discriminant validity. The SFPQ is quick to administer, having only 108 items.

Survey of Work Styles

The SWS measures six distinct components of the Type A behaviour pattern, including impatience, anger, time urgency, competitiveness, and job dissatisfaction. The SWS can be used for employee selection and placement, managerial counselling, and as an assessment of work attitudes and work-related stress.

Note that CaribCare can work with you to select an appropriate instrument that will meet your individual or organisational requirements.

Fees will vary depending on the type and number of instruments required, but rates are very affordable without compromising quality.

Keywords: human resource, leadership, Psychometric Assessments

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