Critical Incident Assistance (accidents, disasters, loss

By: Caribcare  09-12-2011

Critical and Traumatic incidents such as workplace assaults, robbery, suicide, sudden natural or unnatural death of a co-worker and natural disasters at the work site can leave employees anxious, stunned, disturbed, depressed, and unable to perform their jobs effectively. CaribCare can assist Management to identify possible crises and develop an integrated crisis management plan to respond, confront and resolve these potential situations. Training and manuals on Trauma response can be provided.CaribCare can also provide your company with emergency assessment and debriefing sessions for staff members (on or off-site) in the event of a crisis or critical event. Follow up sessions for more severely impacted employees are also available.

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Organizational Development (OD

Understanding organisational culture and systems processes are therefore critical to work efficacy.Our culturally sensitive OD services can help your organisation improve its efficacy through organisational assessments and audits that provide a snapshot of your current state of operations. OD looks at the process of how employees, work-groups and the organisation as a work-system function to accomplish their work objectives.


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To assist our clients and organisations in the Caribbean region, we can partner with their Human Resource or Organisational Development departments to offer a range of scientifically evaluated instruments that allow for the best fit between the industry, employer, job role and employee.


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In group therapy, some individuals find the familiarity and support which enables them to open up to their own experiences and challenges. This forum is available if working one-on-one with a therapist is insufficient to fully address your issues.