Dust Collector, Industrial Vacuum, Pneumatic Conveying and Accessories

By: Capt-Air  09-12-2011
Keywords: Filtration, Dust Collectors, Industrial Vacuum

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Dust Collectors

CAPT-AIR INC. is proud to be the dealer of Donaldson Torit and DCE products for dust collection and specialized air filtration needs.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Fume Collectors

With its unique ULTRA-WEB filtration technology, increase your air quality by a by using the best filtration efficiency and reduce your operational costs by the longest filter life. See the most advance fume collection systems from the small mobile fume collector to the largest collector providing succion to an unlimited number of welding stations, plasma tables ..

Mist Collectors

See our selection of Mist collectors for the filtration of machining operations generating mists from Water soluble collants, Straight oil or heat generated smokes.

Pneumatic Conveying

For the conveying of your powders or pellets, CAPT-AIR design, manufacture and install systems for every needs. Dense or Dilute phase. From Mining applications to Pharmaceutical, Plastic, Foods..

Waste handling systems

CAPT-AIR has a strong experience with waste handling systems for processes such as printing, packaging, converting, casting, agriculture ..

Air Knife System

CAPT-AIR has a strong experience with the drying and cleaning of components with air knives.

Blowers and Exhausters

Our large selection of blowers and exhausters can meet the requirements of most of your applications. From 0 to 100,000 cfm and from 0 to 28 in.Hg

Tubing and fittings

Available at CAPT-AIR:

Modular Quick-Fit Ducting

Pneumatic conveying tubing and piping

Industrial Vacuum fittings

Compression couplings ..


Keywords: Dust Collectors, Filtration, Fume Collectors, Industrial Vacuum, Mist Collectors, Pneumatic Conveying