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By: Capsa Solutions  09-12-2011

MMI Vintage Series Medication Furniture from Capsa Solutions.

When appearance matters as much as function, you can set your nursing home or assisted living facility apart with Vintage Series medication furniture.

On the inside, our products are designed to accommodate a variety of drawer sizes and configurations, letting you create customized storage for all medication administration systems, including Medicine-On-Time®, OPUS® Unit Dose, and Doc-U-Dose®. On the outside, our cabinets deliver all the elegance of designer furniture for a classic, first-class appearance.

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Medical Storage Systems | Supply Carts and Shelving

They are available in multiple finishes, configurations and sizes to help organize critical supplies, increase employee efficiency, while positioning needed supplies closer to the point-of-care. Capsa Solutions products can greatly improve the efficiency and productivity within your facility by increasing the capacity of your finite space.


Medical Equipment Storage | Custom Shelves and Carts

Our extensive line of products includes racks, metal storage shelves, recovery racks, metal work tables, mobile storage carts, high-density shelving systems, backroom applications and sales floor applications. Capsa Solutions has developed highly configurable processing, storage and transport equipment that can help you increase capacity, promote efficiency and improve productivity. Designs that put floor space at a premium.


Medical Carts | Supply Storage and Transportation

From the seamless drawer trays and integral drawer dividers, to the virtually indestructible precision welded frames, to the high-impact panels, our carts deliver superior performance and value year after year. Capsa Solutions puts everything clinicians need at their fingertips with a complete line of fully customizable medical carts designed to promote orderly storage and organization where it matters most.


Medication Carts | Secure Medication Transportation

Capsa Solutions carts redefine security with a choice of proven lock systems including keyless entry with automatic relocking, mag stripe card access, keyless narcotic storage, and cart user audit. Organizing and storing medications and transporting them to patient bedsides takes a smart, configurable cart design, ample capacity, durable construction, and optimum mobility features.