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By: Canvascamp  09-12-2011

Flex / Strech / Freeform Tents:

We use the name Flex-, Freefrom- or Stretch Tent to describe the unique ability to stretch and shape the tent to suit individual sites or client requirements.

The Flex Tent's specially developed 2-way stretch fabric gives the rigger the ability to configure the tent in a variety of shapes in traditionally awkward environments. Tents can be rigged on the beach, on rugby fields, off walls, over pools, around trees, on balconies – and even in your own back garden. Poles of varying length are pushed into the fabric to create the beautiful parabolic shapes and eye-catching character.

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Teepee | CanvasCamp

Natural cotton canvas draped from a central pole creating a distinctive old-fashioned shape outside and a fantastic/romantic vibe inside. Pole and tent pack down into a matching canvas bag small enough to go on the back of a motorbike or in a small trunk. A big door and a removable top let the breeze through on hot summer days so you won't "melt" away. Our teepee tents are beautiful and elegant, quick to assemble and pack down small.