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By: Canorawave  09-12-2011


The context

Communication infrastructures are very costly and represent a large part of the investments of Telco’s. In particular wired networks are very costly to implement, upgrade or replace. In the western world, access to Wide Area Network (WAN), such as the Internet, is now very common for home users as well as for corporate users.

The trend is now to provide a larger bandwidth to the users in order to be able to share large amount of data. High speed access to Internet is provided mainly using, either, a satellite link, a cable link or a xDSL link. The skilled addressee will appreciate that the cable link and the xDSL link may be too expensive to implement in certain type of areas, such as remote areas. In such remote areas, the satellite link may be used. Unfortunately, such solution will be quite costly. Combining a xDSL link with a radio network would be a solution to provide the access to a remote client.

Unfortunately, such solution is not very efficient for accommodating a large number of clients, as routing in the radio network will require a large amount of overhead traffic. Furthermore, processing associated with the routing will not be negligible. The skilled addressee will appreciate that this is especially the case when the radio network is a dynamic radio network where wireless nodes are moving. In fact each wireless node of the radio network will require a configuration in accordance with other wireless nodes and even in accordance with surrounding networks. Such configuration will require costly resources and maintenance.

Moreover, a further concern is the security of data transmitted in the radio network. Eavesdropping may be performed. There is therefore a need for a method and apparatus that will overcome the above-identified drawbacks.

Canorawave Corp. has developed that method for the deployment of intelligent routing of IP packet. This method resides in couple of very small programs and scripts that now runs on a Linux board. (Annex 1).


• This system permits to establish a TCPIP communication between two points or two networks passing by any multitude of nodes, creating a dynamic route, without having the problem of network flooding (Annex 2).


A point-to-point high speed wireless connection in a given geographic area.


• This system is easy and economical to deploy because of its density build out, it’s exponential, same as the WEB.

The protocol

In a regular wireless network, the connections are either made point-to-point using RF A=>B or are made multi-point as repeater A=>B=>C in most cases it is that last hop that we need to communicate. The problem when using wireless boxes as repeater in the same RF (SSID) is that they repeat a signal and not the data and they can repeat it on and on until the point B gets the message.

The way in a non RDPP wireless network to prevent network flooding is to create a route via the RF, witch is very static. So the problem in a non RDPP network is that when you are using an access point as repeater it causes a network flood. When you are using it as point-to-point, the route is very static.

RDPP can be used as a repeater without having or causing a network flood. RDPP will use any way to find his point of destination by routing the packet thru a neighbor. He will use any point within his reach, in the RDPP network to relay his information and build his dynamic route creating a self healing network, reducing its administration and enhance its reliability.


Building an infrastructure for this kind of network can be very rapidly achieved and at a fraction of the cost of the other technologies like cable, DSL, fiber …

Security of information

Also, the use of RDPP puts the information between the two points at no risk for intrusion. A 128 bits encryption tunnel is put on every packet that leaves; this is made by design (no way to go around it). This protocol is new and Canorawave Corp. will be a pioneer in that technology. Also this technology combine with the use of Internet, video and voice processing can be put in more use than one.