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CANASOILS' system was originated and developed in the early 90's in order to stabilize ballast during construction and/or rehabilitation of parallel rail lines. Instead of having to construct walls, barriers or embankments out of steel or concrete, which later would have to be removed, an application of our CANASOIL EP product proved to be enormously successful and much more time and cost efficient.

A very important feature in the CANASOIL EP product, once applied, is that it coats and adheres to the individual aggregate completely so that the cured effect gives a porous yet stable surface allowing water to pass through the application. This characteristic aids in the prevention of erosion and other environmental damage caused by ice and water.


Consolidates by binding broken rock formation of any size and/or granular structure.

Binding agent for stone, chipped/crushed mortars and self-supporting EP mortars.

Most rocks found in North America i.e. granite, porphyrie, basalt, gabbros, etc.


Excellent wetting of mineral substrates, excellent penetration capacity, chemical resistance against greases and faeces in the track area, lowest curing time (Temperature) +3°C. High temperature shortens the gelling time and low temperatures prolongs all times indicated. A change in the consistency and consumption must be taken into account. A temperature change of 10°C leads in general to halving or doubling of times indicated.

Curing time

At 5°C / ca. 48 h At 15°C / ca. 20 h At 20°C / ca. 10 h

CANASOILS' newest model-spraying machine called the 'Kira CS52' has been developed specifically for the spraying application of a two-component epoxy resin product with the purpose of solidifying and consolidating ballast for the railroad and transportation industries.

The Kira CS52 is a high-capacity spraying unit designed to combine CANASOILS' product components in a way that will allow the product to achieve a surface coverage of over 10,000 sq. ft. with a depth of 7 inches within a normal days work. The CANASOIL product, once applied, will provide a stable format to the aggregate, which will not only be enduring but will also be permanent. Once CANASOIL is applied, it becomes resilient and will effectively counter all forms of environmental and/or chemical degradation. In its final state, the product is environmentally friendly and does not contain any solvents whatsoever.

Technical data

Mixing ratio parts by weight % 66,6 / 33,3

Solids by content 100% parts by weight

Lowest curing temperature + 3°C

Optimum application temperature 15-25°C

Consumption gravel clogging by / 1-2 kg/m2

Canasoil EP product use Canasoil EP HA and Canasoil EP A2 are supplied in the appropriate mixing ratio and component B (hardener) to the basic component A. During processing the safety markings and suggestions on the labels and in the SDS have to be respected, as well as the prescription on the environmental documentations.

Further information about the physical, chemical, toxicological and ecological properties can be found in the Safety Data Sheets.

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