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By: Canadiansplash  09-12-2011
Keywords: Website Design, Project Management, custom business software

A variety of services are offered by Canadiansplash for your business. Web related services can be available to anyone anywhere. Other services can require greater physical presence and can be therefore limited to certain geographic areas. Contact Canadiansplash to learn more about which services can be offered to you.

Offered services include:

  • web
    • website design & development
    • website maintenance
    • website hosting

If you have a current website does it show up properly in search engines? Not every website out there has been developed adequately for people to find it. Even still search engines can take many weeks to reflect changes. If you want more hits you need to get your site examined regularly. Search engines also prefer web sites that are updated frequently. Don't let your website sit still. Changes are good. Move your existing website to Canadiansplash and you'll be found.

Do you even know the statistics about your website? How much traffic it gets, where it receives it from, etc? Canadiansplash can provide these kinds of details with hosting.

Don't settle for a static website. You may have some information you want to change frequently on your website. Canadiansplash can ensure part of your new website includes dynamic components that you can update yourself through administrative features. Get dynamic today, don't settle for static updates only.

  • computer setup
  • computer upgrade
  • computer maintenance & repair
  • virus & spyware troubleshooting
  • hardware / software troubleshooting
  • computer networking (wireless/wired)

There's nothing more frustrating than having a computer with problems. Sometimes these are not simple things to solve. Before throwing your computer out the window in frustration consider getting it some help. The computer world is full of different things that negatively impact your computer(s). Get help today. Sometimes virus or spyware can take over your system to a point where you can't do anything on it. This could potentially lead to a complete re-install of your system if the issues aren't addressed early enough.

Canadiansplash recommends the following economical tools for home users (non-commercial) to keep your systems running better:

custom business software development
  • requirements gathering
  • JAD sessions
  • data analysis
  • database design
  • system analysis
  • system development
  • system implementation
  • system support
  • user training
  • system testing

Business today runs on information entered, stored, retrieved and updated in various software solutions. Adequately running your business means adequately handling information. Not every business is run the same. Put that book of paper away and start thinking about a computer solution. Data stored, managed and retrieved helps you make better decisions too. Do you need help analyzing data? Reading data and getting information out of it can't always be easy. So get some help and make things better.

Achieving results without getting sidetracked or losing sight of scope, time and budget is what project management is all about. It takes focus and organization to keep things on track and deliver results. It is a certain kind of person with a certain kind of skill set that can make things happen. Get project management help before your project gets out of control.

Keywords: custom business software, Project Management, Website Design