Geophysical Products

By: Canadian Mining Geophysics  09-12-2011

At CMG, we offer a wide variety of geophysical products to our clients to add the most value to our surveys. Our triaxial gradiometer allows the measurement of individual magnetic gradients providing detailed information in each axis important for precise calculations of many advanced geophysical products.

The following products are provided at no extra charge on all CMG surveys. Not only do we provide the original grid files, but also full size GIS basemaps of each product to client specification.

  • Total Magnetic Intensity
  • Calculated In-Line Magnetic Gradient
  • Measured Cross-Line Magnetic Gradient
  • Measured Vertical Magnetic Gradient
  • Calculated Vertical Magnetic Gradient
  • Magnetic Analytic Signal
  • Digital Terrain Model
  • VLF Electromagnetic (Total Field, IP and/or Quad)
  • Radiometric Total Count, % K, eThorium & eUranium
  • Radiometric Ratios (Th/K, U/K, U/Th)
  • Calculated 2nd Vertical Derivative
  • Magnetic Reduction to Poles
  • Magnetic Tilt Derivative

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CMG offers level one data interpretation as part of the cost quoted to you, but we have the ability to get involved in your exploration program on several different levels; from survey design to generation of drill targets. We want to become a part of your team, if only temporarily, to get the best results possible for your exploration efforts. We are currently available on short notice to mobilize our system across the country or abroad.


Geophysical Interpretation

Three dimensional inversion of magnetic data using UBC inversion or Fullagar inversion routines. Forward modeling of selected structures to obtain depth estimates and dip direction. Structural interpretation of magnetic data included with all survey contracts. Full integration of all available geologic data into geophysical map products. The aim of the advanced interpretation is to outline drill targets.


Mineral Exploration

CMG uses the larger volume sensors that are specifically designed for low-gradient applications such as exploration for gold, silver, platinum & palladium and mapping geologic structures that are weakly magnetic and may have concentrated precious metals.