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Canada Robotics Ltd. provides analysis, planning, design, installation, configuration, automated integration, support solutions and problem resolution for your electro-mechanical, electrical, electronic, and computerize, cabled or wireless systems. Additional support can include assistance and training for your own people.

Integrated Systems:

  • PLC Systems Controllers
  • Electro-Mechanical Interfaces  
  • Computerized Monitoring - automatic alert paging.

Controlling Computer Systems:

  • MS Windows - support systems and servers. 
  • Linux - Server, workstation and application support.
  • OS/2 - communications sub-systems.
  • Unix - Server, workstation and application support.

Network Support:

    Network Operating Systems Including:

  • Windows - Window server 2000/2003.
  • Linux - Server and workstation integration.


  • Wireless LAN - Standalone wireless LAN or integrated with cabled local and wide are networks.
  • Cabling Systems - Fibre, UTP, Coax and structured cabling systems.
  • Topologies - Including Ethernet, DSL, extended USB, range extended ArcNet, etc.


  • Integrated Networks - Integrated local and wide area networks using similar and different operating components.
  • Remote Communications - Dial access, ADSL and cable broad-band, for remote configuration and control.
  • Internet/Intranet Access

Products Disclaimer

Canada Robotics Ltd., uses a number of third party products and components that can assist in operating and maintaining your systems in good working order. No one product does everything. The choice of which product to use must be made in consideration as to how your systems are organized and to your specific requirements. Canada Robotics Ltd., does not assume any responsibility for your decision to use any of these products or the results obtained.

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Canada Robotics Ltd.
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4050 East Hastings Street
Phone: 604 294-9193  FAX: 604 294-9155

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Keywords: workstation

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