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By: Canada Parts Online  09-12-2011
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Have you noticed some rotten-egg odor, poor fuel mileage, black smoke from the exhaust, and poor engine performance? Looks like you have got a worn out oxygen sensor. You can locate this car component under your hood, mounted behind the exhaust manifold and the catalytic converter. Your car’s oxygen sensor serves the role of determining the oxygen content of the exhaust gas produced during the combustion process. It helps in optimizing the performance of your car, particularly in the areas of fuel economy and emissions by controlling the ignition and fuel systems.

The air fuel mixture status of the engine is reported by the oxygen to your car’s powertrain control module through a voltage signal. That information is used to regulate the amount of fuel to be delivered to the engine. To be able to perform its intended function, your oxygen sensor uses a zirconium element in order to produce the voltage. Moreover, this electronic device looks like a hollow, cylinder shaped mechanism that is divided into 2 parts: the outer and the inner part. The exhaust gases enter through the openings in the outer section, while the inner part stores the supply of air.

A worn out oxygen sensor would not be able to distribute information effectively, so it is a must that you immediately find a replacement part once it gets damaged. Auto Parts Online Canada is your reliable online dealer of genuine and highly durable car and truck parts and accessories. Do not fret, because you can purchase them at a very reasonable price. All our products have been sourced from the most renowned car parts manufacturers, so you can never go wrong when you shop with us!

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