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By: Canada Parts Online  09-12-2011
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It would be very much exciting to hit the road at soaring speeds—especially if you are the kind of person who wants the feel of adrenaline rush. However, you need to keep yourself updated with your driving machine’s performance to ensure that your driving will always be safe. With the use of an ABS speed sensor, the current speed level of your vehicle can be tracked easily. It sends the signal to the on board computer to instigate diagnostic routines, as well as modify the engine functions. The signal is sent by a transaxle output speed or from sensor measuring transmission.

Also known as wheel sensors, ABS speed sensors work by measuring the rotational speed of your car wheel. You can usually locate this car component above the drive shaft. However, this electronic device can only be found on vehicles with an anti-lock brake feature. Through the principle of magnetic induction, your car sensor sends a low voltage rhythmic pulse to the engine computer as a wheel speed. There are two types of ABS sensors: the concealed type and the exposed type. To extend their service life, you can use a degreaser-spritzed shop towel to wipe off the grime.

Moisture infiltration, internal break in a wire, and metallic particles sticking on the sensor nose could damage your ABS speed sensor. This could result to an erratic speed signal, a system default, and a false modulation. When these happen, you better replace it with a new one. Visit Auto Parts Online Canada, and find the right speed sensor for your vehicle. Just call us toll-free, or get online to place your orders without hassles and worries.

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