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By: Can-am Rv Centre  09-12-2011

Keeping your RV chassis in top condition saves money.

An often-overlooked area on an RV is its chassis.  At Can-Am, a quick inspection of chassis can reveal if there are any areas for concern. 

An examination of the frame might uncover a need for structural modifications or something as small as filling a gap that mice could get into.  Damage to the frame, outriggers, axles, underbelly — things such as corrosion, rear-end or front separation and even sheared bolts — if caught early can eliminate costly repairs later on.

Rear End Separation 
Many people think that the body of a trailer is held up by the steel chassis, but in fact the ends of the chassis are supported by the trailer body and jack post/hitch.  

Over time, if a trailer has travelled a lot of rough roads, is fitted with a bike carrier on the rear or been run extensively on bias-ply tires, sometimes the bolts that attach the chassis frame to the the body shear off or pull through.  This results in a gap between the body and the chassis and unfortunately once it starts and moisture gets in, it will grow in size faster and faster.

Unlike most RV dealerships, Can-Am will fix this separation and extend the life of your trailer. We do what is called "elephant ears" on an Airstream or we can do a similar repair on a conventional trailer, stopping the separation and ensuring your safety on the road.

Mouse Proofing 
A common RV issue is a mouse invasion.  When we inspect the chassis we can often find spots that these pesky creatures are able to enter.  We can make suggestions that can help reduce this nuisance to you. 

Frame Plates
On some models of trailers, the axle attachment to the frame becomes fatigued and shifts. This can cause alignment, tracking and handling problems.  Over time, this will result in cracks to the trailer body and interior cabinets not fitting correctly.

By installing frame plates, Can-Am will reinforce the axle and correct this problem.

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